Minecraft 1.18: All Ore Location

Prior to the 1.18 upgrade, the greatest area to mine for ores was Y-level 12. Caves and Cliffs Part 2 has entirely changed the ore distributions in Minecraft, therefore this is no longer the case. This guide provides information on the new ore distribution for those trying to figure out where they should look for the commodities they require.

These are scattered in a triangle manner, with spawn rates increasing and decreasing as players progress. The middle of an ore’s distribution range has the highest spawn rate. It is usually the best place to look for that mineral

Ore Distribution


  • Coal has a wide distribution range that starts at Y-level 256 and ends at Y-level 0. Notably, exposure to air below Y136 affects coal spawning, therefore caves will not be viable sources for this commodity at those lower levels.


  • Copper may be found in all biomes at Y levels 112 through -16. Its spawn rate is substantially higher in dripstone caverns. Whatever level a player chooses to look for Copper, Y48 is the one they should aim for.


  • Diamond is found between Y-levels 16 and 64 in Minecraft 1.18, with Y-level -58 being the greatest area to harvest it.


  • Players looking for Emeralds in Minecraft should stick to the mountain biomes, with Y-levels about 232 functioning as the most reliable suppliers.
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  • Gold can spawn anywhere between Y-level 256 and Y-level -64, but there are a few things to keep in mind. It can only appear in Minecraft’s badlands biome between Y-levels 256 and 32.
  • It only appears if there is a landmass capable of supporting it. If a player wants to find Gold in a biome other than the Badlands, they should stick to Y-levels 32 through -64, with -16 being the best option.


  • Iron, like gold, can appear at any height as long as there is sufficient landmass to support it. Y-level 232 is the finest option for players looking for Iron in the mountains. Y16 is the ideal option for players looking for Iron in the valleys.

Lapis Lazuli

  • Lapis Lazuli spawns occasionally between Y-levels 64 and -64. By concentrating on Y0, players can improve their odds of obtaining this ore marginally. You can only do this if you strip mine for it.


  • Between Y levels 16 and -64, Restone exhibits a distribution pattern similar to Diamond. Again, the ore spawns most frequently around Y Level -58.

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