Minecraft 1.18: Diamonds Location, Where To Find

The 1.18 update introduces significant changes to mining, pushing players to reconsider their existing ore-gathering techniques. With this update, the way ore is dispersed has been completely changed, and fans will have to look in new places to find the materials they require. Diamonds are one of the minerals that gamers will be looking for.

Y-level -58

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To put it another way, in Minecraft 1.18, players looking for diamonds should aim for Y-level -58. Players that engage in this form of digging should dig holes that are two blocks wide to lessen their chances of dying.

  • Diamonds are available anywhere between Y-levels 16 and -64, thus Y-level -58 isn’t the only spot to look for them. Diamond spawn rates grow dramatically at higher levels. Therefore, players should not waste time seeking resources near the surface. Between Y-levels -59 and -64, players should avoid looking for diamonds since the bedrock that appears on those levels interferes with the spawn rate of diamonds.
  • It’s also worth noting that v1.8 update reduces the likelihood of ore appearing in a block exposed to the air. This means that while exploring the caverns found in the lower Y-levels, players should not expect to find many diamonds. In order to uncover these valuable minerals, fans will have to be more proactive, with strip-mining being the most effective method.

Two-Block-Tall Channels

While fans can take a few various techniques to strip-mining, the easiest is to dig two-block-tall channels in straight lines. This approach makes exiting a mine when the miner needs a break incredibly simple. It only requires some food and a reasonable pickaxe in Minecraft. Fans are welcome to bring torches with them if they want to illuminate the pathways.

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