Minecraft: All Bosses

Minecraft Bosses are aggressive, difficult enemies that present players with a challenge. They usually have a lot more health, deal a lot more damage, and attack the player all the time. Killing these mobs will either provide a rare drop or alter the player’s Minecraft world in some way.

Elder Guardians were once described as a “boss” by Mojang employees. They have a pattern of being difficult to kill in survival situations.

All Minecraft Bosses

In Minecraft, there are two old bosses: the Ender Dragon, who is the game’s “main” and last huge boss, and the Wither, who is a “side” boss. Additional bosses are in Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons.

Illager Patrol

Illager Patrols are pillaging parties that arrive during raids or around pillager outposts. On top of the raid captain’s head, Illager patrols have a unique banner with a vindicator face style.

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This is the simplest boss in the game. Pillagers, Which’s, and Ravagers are among the mobs in each of the five raids. This boss spawns at an outpost near the people. When you kill the captain, you get a bad omen effect. If you travel through a town while wearing this effect, the boss fight will begin immediately.

Elder Guardian

An elder guardian is a larger and more powerful version of the guardian that can cause Mining Fatigue. It is the largest and most powerful aquatic mob in Minecraft. Inside an ocean monument, three of them spawn: one in the penthouse room and one in each wing.

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Image Courtesy of Minecraft Wiki

The Elder Guardian is a sharp lase that can be found in ocean monuments. If you haven’t been to the Never before, you’ll need water-breathing potions or doors to face the beast. You must be aware that this boss will cause your mining to slow down, so be cautious.


The wither is an undead hostile boss mob created by players that floats and discharges explosive skulls at players and mobs. It’s the only place where you can get nether stars, which are utilized to make beacons.

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Attaching the wither is a pain because it fires TNT cannonballs from its head, which cause large explosions. Getting the wither stuck under the end portal is a good approach to defeat it. Because the wither is confined, it won’t be able to fire its TNT cannon rounds, so it works.

Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is a hostile boss creature that emerges in Minecraft’s End dimension and the game’s final boss. The Ender Dragon is a gigantic dragon that can breathe fire, spew fireballs, and fly with incredible dexterity.

Image Courtesy of Minecraft Wiki

The game’s first boss. This boss is bound to the final crystals, which you must break. It fires purple dragon breath, which if you don’t avoid it, can kill you. After defeating the dragon, simply place a torch under the egg to collect it.

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