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This farm can also be used to produce only one sort of material. If you don’t want to use melon, for example, you can arrange this farm to just grow a pumpkin.

Because of the way these two items grow, this farm will only function for them. Other fruits and vegetables grow directly from the ground, and each harvest necessitates the planting of fresh seeds. Pumpkins and melons require space close to the seed, however, the seed produces a limitless amount of resources.

You can also trade the pumpkins and melons you get from the farm with the villagers. This is a fantastic way to manufacture emeralds without putting in a lot of effort.

Materials needed to build a farm:

1  hopper minecart
10 glass
1 chest
1 hopper
1 redstone block
1 redstone dust
11 building blocks
1 melon seed
1 pumpkin seed
1 bucket of water
3 powered rails
3 dirt blocks
2 observers
1 piston

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Automatic Melon / Pumpkin Farm

Image Courtesy of NaMiature
  • Place a chest on the ground with a hopper on top of it. To achieve this, simply hold shift when attaching the hopper to prevent the chest from opening.
  • Place a building block and a Redstone block next to the hopper. A 3×1 construction is recommended. On top of each block, place a powered rail. When placing on top of the hopper, remember to press shift once more.
  • Place two building blocks on either side of the powered rail track. Add one more building block to the back, center edge of the structure.
  • Place three dirt blocks between the two top blocks. They should be perpendicular to the railings below.
  • Attach two blocks on either side of the dirt, with a third block at the corners, once the dirt is in place.
  • Overall, the blocks should have created a ‘hole.’ Fill this hole with water. This will be the supply of water for the pumpkins and melons.
  • Place two observers on the building blocks next to the dirt.
  • Then, directly in the center, above the water, place a piston. It can be difficult to get these blocks to face the appropriate way, so feel free to use any temporary foundation blocks.
  • Place Redstone dust behind the piston, then two blocks right behind each observer. Till the earth and plant your seeds on the two edge pieces of dirt in front of the observers. One of each seed is used in this example, but you can use two of the same seed if you want.
  • Enclose the growth area in the glass after the seeds have been planted. This will keep the melon and pumpkins on the farm from flying away.
  • Simply position your hopper minecart on the powered tracks at the end. Until the minecart is removed, it will bounce back and forth. Remove the minecart if you don’t want the farm to operate all the time.
  • To turn the rails off, you can alternatively install a lever or button.

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