Minecraft: Cake Recipe, How To Make

Minecraft players would know that cake is one of the best foods in the game. The cake is one way to overcome hunger as well. If players are not able to manage their hunger, they will face difficult situations.

  • If the Hunger bar stands at 9 drumsticks or more, the player will slowly regain health.
  • However, if it drops to 3 drumsticks, the player will not be able to sprint anymore.
  • Further, if it reaches zero, the Health point will start depleting slowly.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the Hunger bar. In such situations, the cake can be a good solution.


Players will need the following items to make a cake:

Egg (1x) Milk (3x)
Sugar (2x) Wheat (3x)

Once these items are available, players will need to:

  • Place 3 buckets of Milk in the top row
  • Place Sugar + Egg + Sugar in the second row
  • 3x Wheat should be placed in the third row.

Once the cake is made, players can collect the empty buckets. When consuming cake, players will have to place the Cake Block before they can consume it. One single cake slice will restore two Hunger points, which is one drumstick. A total of seven cake slices can be consumed.


Before thinking about making the cake, it is important to know where the ingredients can be found.

  • Egg: Players can create a Chicken farm. Hens will drop an egg every 5-10 minutes. Moreover, Eggs can be looted from a Fox holding Eggs.
  • Milk: Milk can be obtained from Goats, Cows, and Mooshrooms by using an empty Bucket on the animal. Moreover, it can also be obtained by killing a Wandering Trader who has a Milk Bucket.
  • Sugar: It can be found in the wild. Players can also cultivate sugar, but a little processing is required. There are three ways to obtain sugar. It can be crafted from Sugar Cane or from Honey Bottle or can be looted from Witches.
  • Wheat: It can be cultivated. It can also be obtained by looting a Fox that holds Wheat.

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