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Concrete is a long-lasting material that may enhance the appearance of any Minecraft building. It comes in a variety of colors and is not flammable like other building materials available. Concrete blocks are slightly harder than Stone with low blast resistance.

The first step in the process of making concrete is to obtain dye by crafting, smelting, or trading. Another component required to build concrete in Minecraft is Concrete Powder.

Due to the mixing method as well as the materials required to build the mortar and develop a concrete mix ratio, this would be a great project for bored Engineering students or Engineers. LOL! Don’t worry, because the ratio in Minecraft is a lot easier than in real life.

How to Become a Mason Construction Worker… in Minecraft 😉

In order to become a Construction Worker in Minecraft, you must first produce your own concrete mixture, which will eventually transform into a solid block.

Screengrab Courtesy of VIPmanYT via YouTube

These procedures will not require any curing time or anything similar, much like in the real world where it would take days for it to be used and no single person can load a large number of solid concrete blocks into their pockets like in Minecraft unless they have Hermione’s beaded bag. LOL!

Step by Step Procedure

  • To manufacture Concrete Powder, open the crafting table and combine the following:
    • 4 x gravel blocks
    • 4 x sand blocks
    • 1 x dye
  • When the materials are mixed together, you will now have a concrete powder.
Screengrab Courtesy of VIPmanYT via YouTube
    • In order to make a concrete block from the powder, you will be needing water.
    • Flowing water or a bucket of water will work. To transform concrete powder into concrete, store it near a flowing water source or place it in a bucket.
    • The powder would absorb the water and form into concrete, just as it would in the real world.
    • Mine the powder with a pickaxe once it has solidified into a solid chunk of concrete.
  • Open the menu for crafting.
    • In any order, combine one dye, four sand blocks, and four gravel blocks.
    • Add the concrete powder to your stockpile.

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    • Pour water on the Concrete Powder or just dip it in any water source in your Minecraft world.
    • The powdered concrete will now become a concrete block.

      Screengrab Courtesy of VIPmanYT via YouTube

Colored Concrete Blocks Components:

  • (x- combine)
  • Quantity – 1 of each
RED Poppy / Rose Bush / Red Tulip / Beetroots
WHITE Lily of the Valley / Bone Meal
BLACK Wither Rose / Inc Sac
Light Gray
  • Azure Bluet / Oxeye Daisy / White Tulip
  • White Dye x Gray Dye
Gray Black Dye/Ink Sac x Bone Meal/White Dye
Brown Cocoa Beans
  • Orange Tulip
  • Red Dye x Yellow Dye
Yellow Dandelion / Sunflower
  • Green Dye x White Dye
  • Smelt Sea Pickles
Green Smelt Cactus
Green Dye x Lapis Lazuli/Blue Dye
Light Blue Lapis Lazuli/Blue Dye x Bone Meal/White Dye
Blue Lapis Lazuli
Purple Red Dye x Lapis Lazuli/Blue Dye
  • Lilac / Allium
  • Purple Dye x Pink Dye
  • Peony / Pink Tulip
  • Red Dye x White Dye
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