Minecraft: Copper Location + Uses

Copper ore was initially presented at Minecraft Live 2020, along with a couple of its applications. This piqued the interest of players who had grown tired of the old mined resources. Mojang included Netherite, which can be mined from Minecraft’s new Ancient Debris, in the previous update, the Nether update.

Copper is not for making mining tools or armor. Prior to the advent of Redstone, this was the game’s newest resource, and it also replaced Diamonds as the game’s new strongest material.

Copper Location

  • Players may smelt copper ore blocks, just like iron ore blocks, to obtain copper ingots, which are for crafting processes. Copper is discoverable underground beginning at Y-level 63 and has the same scarcity as Iron Ore.
  • This means that players should have no issue finding Copper in caves, especially now that the new giant caves have forever transformed Minecraft mining by making ores more common. Between Y-levels 4 and 63, players will locate the most copper ore. And after Y-level 0, the copper ore will stop spawning entirely.


  • Copper ingots are presently ingredients of three crafting recipes: copper blocks, lightning rods, and the spyglass. These blocks construct structures and copper slabs. Also, steps, using the stonecutter. Copper blocks will change color over time, becoming more turquoise.
Screengrab Courtesy of JayDeeMC via Youtube
  • By applying beeswax on the blocks, players can keep these states. During a thunderstorm, lightning rods will attract lightning, which might protect wooden structures or attack certain mobs.
  • The spyglass allows the player to zoom in on distant objects. This is especially beneficial for console players who can’t use Optifine’s zoom feature.

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