Enchantment is used in Minecraft to enhance the capacities or abilities of items. Enchantment can be done in four different ways. One of the enchantments in Minecraft is the Curse of Binding. While it has its uses, this enchantment can also turn out to be frustrating. Read on to find out about the Curse of Binding.


  • In Minecraft, when the Curse of Binding is used on a piece of equipment, players will not be able to take it off once they equip it. The piece of equipment cannot be unequipped, no matter what the player tries.
  • Even a grindstone will not be able to help in this situation. A grindstone will return the item with the Curse still in effect. Therefore, it is important to read an item’s enchantments before it is equipped.
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  • Players who use it without knowing this piece of information can land in a nasty situation, where an undesired item might be equipped, or where a player might not be able to use a better item in its place. The Curse can also be used by some players to trap other unknowing players.

Removing the Curse of Binding

The Curse can actually be removed in three ways, but they are not very simple. Two of these ways can be done in the normal survival mode. These are to

  • Equip and use the item until it breaks
  • Put your valuables in a chest and die

The first method may take quite some time. It can also be a source of frustration if the item is a lower-level item. The third way is to switch to creative mode, where players can remove the item normally.


  • Well, that depends. Do you think that the item with the Curse is the best in its category? Is it above the rest of everything in the category? Then, maybe. But even then, some items may have properties that others do not. However, it does not really benefit the player to use the Curse of Binding.
  • It can leave players wishing they had not equipped the item when they could be using a better one. Moreover, it does not provide any increased stats to the items it is used on either. Therefore, if you are not looking to be stuck with one item until you die, or it breaks, the Curse of Binding is not recommended.

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