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If you’ve spent a lot of time playing Minecraft, you’re probably familiar with the terms “502 BAD GATEWAY” and “RUNTIME CODE 502 MINECRAFT ERROR 502.”

Minecraft has recurring problems that aren’t usually related to the game. Even if the game or application is not at fault, connection issues and device errors can cause it to malfunction. In this article, we’ll go over the different forms of 502 errors and offer some suggestions for how to repair them.

502 ERRORS – HOW TO FIX THEM: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are a variety of 502 errors in Minecraft, and we’ll attempt to cover them all in this article. Knowing whatever type of 502 problems you’re dealing with right now can help you figure out which repair to apply.


When players try to access the website, they generally see this problem. This could be because of any variety of other tasks that require an internet connection.

This generally implies there was a problem connecting to the site from the internet server. It’s the Minecraft website in this instance. Unfortunately, this implies it’s not a problem that can be patched or repaired permanently.

    • Restarting your browser.
    • Reopening and closing the browser.
    • Use a VPN; there are both free and paid options available on the Internet.
    • If your browser needs to be updated, do so.
    • Restart your modem or computer’s internet connection.
    • Reboot your PC, mobile iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, or any platform in which Minecraft is having this issue.


The most usual cause of runtime difficulties is incompatibility with apps running at the same time. A memory problem, a bad GPU driver, or malware could all be to blame. Whatever the cause, the problem must be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent further issues.

There is no such thing as a perfect game design, and even the best software structure is sure to include defects. Glitches can emerge during runtime if a specific problem is not discovered and handled during development and planning.

    • FIX A: 
      1. Uninstall software in Windows 7-10, go to the Start button>Control Panel >Uninstall a program.
      2. You may click Update or Uninstall on the problem program once you’ve entered Programs and Features.
      3. If you opted to update, simply follow the prompts to finish the process. You may also remove programs that you are not using if you want to.
    • FIX B:
      • Restart your internet browser.
        • Start>Control Panel>Internet Options>Advanced tab and press the Reset button. Or
        • In the search box, type Internet Options, then select the Advanced tab and click Reset.
      • Disable Script debugging and error messages notifications.
        • Go to the Advanced tab in the same Internet Options window and seek for Disable script debugging.
        • Mark the radio button>Uncheck the “Display a Notification about every Script Error”>Apply and OK>restart your computer.
    • FIX C:
      • Lack of available disk space on your device.
        • Back up your files and clear up disk space.
        • Restart your computer after clearing your cache.
        • Disk Cleanup can also be used, simply right-click your primary directory in Explorer. Select Disk Cleanup under Properties.

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