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In Minecraft, gunpowder is a very volatile material. Many new players can’t think of anything else to do with it besides making little amounts of TNT to fool their pals. Expert Minecraft players, on the other hand, are aware of the resource’s true value.

Gunpowder is difficult to come by because it can only be found in chests concealed within unusual Minecraft structures or by killing some of the game’s toughest creatures.

Minecraft Gunpowder Farm

In Minecraft, players will need a building block of their choice, slabs, and a lot of trapdoors to make a gunpowder farm. Two tamed cats are also required to keep this farm running smoothly. Players will also require a fishing rod, raw fish, and the patience to train two cats.

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Obtaining a lead or two may also be advantageous, as it saves time when situating the cats on the creeper farm. Carpets are also required to prevent other mobs from spawning, thus players will need to collect wool to make these one-of-a-kind, functional, and decorative blocks.

Screengrab Courtesy of LaZ1en via Youtube
Step 1
Apart from obtaining all of the necessary materials, the first step in constructing a Minecraft gunpowder farm is to lay down the foundation. A 13×16 rectangle on the ground can be used for this.
Step 2
Players must then break a few blocks after constructing this enormous rectangle. The structure’s middle six blocks must be removed from the top and bottom. There should be ten blocks on each side with a six-block gap between them in the end.
Step 3
  • Place diagonally adjacent blocks to those five-block walls now. Reverse the technique, but this time travel inward such that the structure resembles an hourglass, as shown in the image above.
  • After laying this foundation, players must build a second layer of blocks on top, making the structure two blocks tall instead of one.
Step 4
  • Place a trapdoor made of any wood in the center of the left wall. Add a carpet of any color beneath the trapdoor. Then, as seen in the photo below, arrange five more rugs, each separated by two blocks.
  • Reverse the process on the other side of the building to create a perfect mirror image. There’s also the option of adding more blocks to the system’s midsection, which will improve the pathway’s efficiency in funneling the creepers to the collection chamber.
Step 5
The next stage is efficiently farming gunpowder in any Minecraft environment is to construct a roof on this slab-only structure. Place trapdoors on every block of the ceiling where one will fit on the inside of the structure. This stage makes the structure dark enough for creepers to spawn, but not tall enough for other monsters to spawn.
Step 6
This step is a little more difficult, but the leads stated previously will help you get through it. Place a cat on the first two trapdoors (the only ones that aren’t flush with the structure’s ceiling) to keep them from moving.
Step 7
  • Finally, dig down four bricks at the hourglass shape’s center. Then place six trapdoors at the top of this new hole and click them open. They should be flush against the top block of this hole’s wall.
  • Place two water buckets on one side of the hole to allow water to flow towards one side of the structure. As a guide, look at the image below. The gunpowder farm’s basic concept is now complete.
Step 8
  • Without a safe technique to destroy creepers, no Minecraft gunpowder farm is complete. Minecraft players should do this by building a room at the bottom of the creeper spawning structure. The goal of this area is to automatically kill creepers and fill chests with gunpowder. This construction would just be a creeper spawner if it wasn’t for the creeper spawner.
  • Until the water stops flowing, mine into the hole’s wall. A small region with enough room for a few glass blocks, hoppers, and chests should be mined out.
Step 9
  • The Minecraft user must now create four signs, two of which will be placed on the glass blocks and the other two on either side of the tunnel with the running water. Place two buckets of lava over the signs on the glass blocks. This should be done with caution since it can be harmful if not done quickly enough.
  • The signs should cause the lava to float, allowing creepers to be swept into it by the rushing water below.
Step 10
  • Finally, any light source blocks within the structure should be broken. Creepers should now begin to spawn and drift towards the lava, where they will burn to death. The user can also mine out two blocks beneath the farm, insert hoppers, and connect them to chests to make the farm automatic.
  • When creepers die, their gunpowder will be immediately carried to the chest, where it will be easier to acquire.

Other than creepers, no Minecraft mobs will spawn within this construction due to the trapdoors and carpets. This means that if the player lights up the outside of the structure, they can increase the number of creepers spawned because the light prevents other creatures from spawning in the same region.

Players can stand on top of the structure after these requirements are satisfied, and creepers will begin to spawn, die, and fill the chest with gunpowder.

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