With the Halloween Season almost at an end, there is still time for players to engage in carving pumpkins in Minecraft. Players can still use the remaining time to their advantage. Grow your pumpkins, carve and use them as decorations as Halloween reaches us!

Pumpkins in Minecraft can be carved into Jack O’ Lanterns quite easily, but decorations are not the only use for Pumpkins in the world of Minecraft. They can be used to create iron, snow golems, and even pumpkin pie. After carving, they can be used as helmets as well.


  • Pumpkin is easy to grow in Minecraft. Players will just have to make sure that they plant the pumpkin crops near any water source, and then harvest the pumpkin.
  • Once a pumpkin is removed from a plant, a new one will grow in the vine over time.
  • The plants will also drop some pumpkin seeds which can be used by the player to grow more crops.
  • In order to carve a pumpkin, players will need a pair of shears. The shears can be crafted with two iron ingots if a pair is not available.
  • When players have placed their pumpkin in a suitable spacious area, players can use shears to carve the pumpkin, which feels similar to clipping off the wool from sheep.
  • Using the right-click/use button, players can carve a face into the pumpkin.

Jack O’ Lanterns

In order to create a Jack O’ Lantern, players should place the carved pumpkin on a crafting table in the crafting grid’s center with a torch or candle directly below the pumpkin. Have fun with creating your own spaces to celebrate Halloween, players!

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