Minecraft: How To Craft Glass Bottles


Minecraft is an open-world crafting and adventure game in which you can spend a lot of time constructing stuff. One of the many crafting recipes accessible in Minecraft is making a Glass Bottle.

You can do a huge number of crafting recipes in Minecraft, each of which has its own ingredients in the game. Even the most basic items of equipment have roles and locations in Minecraft’s world. A glass bottle can carry anything from water to potions to honey to a dragon’s breath.

Glass Bottles

Glass Bottles spawn naturally via witch drops, drinking a potion-filled glass bottle, and fishing. Because of the potions it carries, the Witch mob in Minecraft has a small chance of dropping a Glass Bottle. Each witch has the ability to drop 0-6 of them.

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Fishing is a fantastic way to collect bottles as well, although it is quite unreliable. You can obtain an Empty Glass Bottle by drinking potion bottles found in numerous chests across the Overworld.

What do these bottles do?

  1. Collecting water to construct a portable water bottle.
    • It can be filled either from a block or from a dispenser.
  2. It’s used to make and store potions.
  3. To collect the purple clouds that appear when Ender Dragon breathes.
  4. A Glass Bottle can also be used to collect honey from the beehives.
  5. It’s also good for filling a cauldron.

How To Craft

Screengrab Courtesy of MCBasic via YouTube

With only one component, players can make this Bottle. Glass x3 is all this recipe requires to create a Glass Bottle.

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Smelting Sand in Furnace or Blast Furnaces will produce Glass.

Screengrab Courtesy of MCBasic via YouTube
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