Minecraft: How To Tame Parrots? Can You Breed Them?

Parrots were initially drawn to cookies and could only be tamed by feeding them a cookie when they were originally introduced to the game. When Mojang was informed that chocolate is poisonous to birds and can even kill them, they promptly changed their minds. So, in Minecraft, if you give a parrot a cookie, it will die from the chocolate chips.

Perks Of Having A Pet Parrot

Parrots are one of the most beneficial animals in Minecraft. They act exactly the same in the game as they do in real life, copying sounds. They will imitate the sounds of adjacent mobs, and they will notice mobs up to 20 blocks away, however, this is not always the case.

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Crawlers, zombies, spiders, phantoms, drowned, ravagers, and pillagers are just a few of the creatures that parrots may imitate. If you’re too preoccupied with your chores to notice a monster approaching, this can serve as an excellent warning sign.

How To Tame

Parrots are intriguing and beautiful creatures in real life, and they’re just as fascinating to possess in Minecraft. The game features five different parrot colors, all of which are based on real-life parrot breeds: red, blue, green, cyan, and gray.

Screengrab Courtesy of Cubey via Youtube

When it comes to taming a parrot, there are four alternatives, all of which involve seeds. You can use beetroot seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or wheat seeds to tame the bird.

However, you must first locate any parrots. They’re an uncommon species that don’t reproduce very often. If you’re having difficulties finding one, consider enabling on-screen coordinates. They will always spawn on logs, leaves, or grass blocks at Y-level 70 or above.

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The player’s chances of successfully taming the parrot are only 33 percent, so keep giving it seeds if necessary. Hearts will appear all around the bird once this has occurred. Then, as long as it’s not sitting down, you’ll be able to make it sit on your shoulder simply by walking past it.

How To Breed

In the original version of Minecraft, you can’t breed parrots. Seeds are the only way to tame them. There is a technique to breed Parrots, but it requires the installation of an add-on. You may breed the parrots with this Baby Parrots add-on.

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