Screengrab Courtesy of Waifu Simulator 27 via YouTube

Minecraft Horses were added to the game with the version 1.6 update. The greatest advantage of riding a horse is the enhanced speed, which makes traveling vast distances much easier.

The seven primary colors that horses can have are white, buckskin, flaxen chestnut, bay, black, dapple gray, and dark bay. Each horse will also have one of five separate marking patterns, resulting in a total of 35 possible horse designs.

How To Tame & Ride A Horse?

Screengrab Courtesy of Waifu Simulator 27 via YouTube
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Locate a Horse The first step is to find a horse; horses spawn in plains and savanna biomes, which are both quite abundant.
Tame Next, choose an empty spot in your Hot bar since you’ll need to tame the horse with your hand. You can tame a horse by continually attempting to mount it and being thrown off.
Place a saddle on your horse Prepare and put the saddle on the horse after it stops kicking you off. By right-clicking the horse while holding a saddle in your hand, you can put a saddle on it.
Mount After you’ve tamed the horse and put a saddle on it, all you have to do now is right-click it to mount it. To move the horse, use the same controls you do when running about.
Dismount Use your sneak key, which is commonly the left shift on the Java edition of Minecraft, to dismount the horse.

To help taming a horse go faster, you can use hay bales, sugar, apples, bread, golden carrots, and golden apples. However, food is not a prerequisite for taming; it merely speeds up the process.

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