Minecraft: Lightning Rod, All Details

Lightning rods, which were recently available to Minecraft’s Java and Bedrock editions, are a wonderful method to keep flammable thingies safe during a rainstorm by deflecting lightning’s landing spot.

Lightning rods can draw not just lightning strikes, but also lightning emitted by a thrown Channel-enchanted trident during a storm. They can even attract lightning emitted by Bedrock Edition commands. When struck by lightning bolts, it can also light a Redstone during bad weather.

The Flash Accessory 

A Lightning Rod is a gadget with a very specific purpose: it prevents lightning from striking anything in its vicinity. If you’ve ever discovered a pile of ash that used to be your home or witnessed your sheep being shocked within its field, the Lightning Rod is a must-build structure for you.

This 1.17 Lightning Rod is simple to make, but the recipe and components can be difficult to come by. We’ll also go through some of the less obvious applications of the Minecraft Lightning Rod so you can get the most out of it.

Where To Find & How To Craft Lightning Rod

  • You’ll need six copper ingots stacked in a 2×3 column in your crafting menu to make a lightning rod.
Screengrab Courtesy of RajCraft via YouTube
  • From the Y-axis 0 to 96, raw copper appears in orange and green. Try looking in the middle layers around 50 plus or so.
Screengrab Courtesy of RajCraft via YouTube
  • To harvest the copper ore, you’ll need a stone pickaxe or something stronger. If the copper vein is between layers 0 and 16 it will be a Deepslate Copper Ore.
  • All that’s left to do now is to return to a furnace and smelt the raw copper in the same way that iron and gold are melted down. You’ll have your copper ingots ready to create after the smelting. All that’s needed now is to make the lightning rod and install it from a 128-block radius.
Screengrab Courtesy of RajCraft via YouTube


  • When struck by lightning, the Lightning Rod emits redstone signal, allowing you to use it iredstone circuits.
  • You should oxidize coppers. Simply lay the Lightning Rod on top of the copper and wait for it to be struck; the greenish color will fade away.
Screengrab Courtesy of RajCraft via YouTube
  • Stop mobs from becoming hostile. A villager, for example, is transformed into a witch after being struck by lightning.
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