In Minecraft, breeding livestock is important. It will spawn more animals, which otherwise do not multiply after they are generated. Breeding provides players with sources of food and resources. Llamas are one of the animals that can be bred in Minecraft. They are different from other animals, having different uses in the game. One of the primary uses of Llamas is transport. They can carry between 3 and 15 items when equipped with a chest.

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Moreover, a caravan can be formed using Llamas to transport more items. When a lead is attached to a Llama, 9 other Llamas will follow it.

Choosing the Llamas

Llamas need to be tamed before they can be bred in Minecraft. Once Llamas are tamed, players can choose Llamas according to appearance, but strength value should be the priority. The more the Llama’s strength value, the more it can carry. Moreover, Llamas’s health is variable, depending on the parents.

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Wild Llamas will each have a strength value and HP value. Each strength value point means the Llama will have three inventory slots. If the strength value is 1, the inventory will be 3. For strength value 2 the Llama will have 6 inventory slots and so on.

Llamas have HP from 15-30. The greater the HP value, the better. This is because the highest value of a Llama depends on the value of its strongest parent. In rare cases, the Llama will be one point stronger than its strongest parent.

It is recommended that one parent is chosen for its strength value and the other for its HP value. However, this does not guarantee that the strength value will be high, or even as high as the parent.

Breeding the Llamas

Once the Llama has been chosen, get the Llamas into Love Mode. In order to do this, players have to feed them with Hay Bales. Each Hay Bale costs 9 Wheat. However, a Llama can consume up to 3 Hay Bales before it starts breeding.

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