Minecraft has introduced new things for players with the recent 1.18 update. This update is the second part of the Caves & Cliffs update. New biomes and caves, which are listed below.

  • 5 new Mountain Biomes
  • Deep Dark Biome
  • Lush Cave
  • Dripstone Cave


This new feature in Minecraft is an underground biome that brings temperate caves. Moss, vines, and waterways that flow through the cave can be found in this new biome. In contrast to usual caves, Lush Caves will be bright, exotic, and brighter with a range of flora. A unique mob can also be found here.


  • Lush Caves are rare. However, players do not need to search for a cave entrance to find the caves. The Azalea trees will be the indicators for the entrance.
  • Azalea trees look similar to Oak trees, short and bush-like, except that their leaves are marked by Azalea flowers. The dirt block under these trees will be unique with roots growing through them. When players find an Azalea tree, all they have to do is dig down until they find the Lush Caves biome.

Azalea trees can be harvested by players, but the entrance to the Lush Caves biome can only be accessed through wild trees. Players will be able to find a range of new things in the Lush Caves.

  • Glow Berries – a vine-like plant that hangs from the ceiling with bright orange fruit. They light up the way.
  • Spore Blossoms – grow on ceilings with a big pink flower.
  • Deepslate – Dark tiles. Players must be careful when mining it, as Silverfish might be present.


Apart from the flora, several mobs can be found in the new Lush Caves, including the Axolotl.

Glow Squid Bats Spiders
Zombies Zombie Villagers Skeletons
Creepers Witches Endermen
Spider Jockeys Chicken Jockeys Tropical Fish
Slimes (only in slime chunks)

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