Screengrab Courtesy of William Strife via YouTube

Rails are one of the various modes of transportation available in Minecraft. Rails are non-solid bricks that minecarts can ride along. At a time, the crafting process will produce 16 rails. This Minecraft guide includes directions to show you how to make rails.

You can explore Minecraft World by establishing a track system. When rails are installed and one track is perpendicular to another, they instantly unite to form a straight line or a curve.


When rails are positioned at a cross-section, they naturally attach to produce a southern or eastern orientation, so crossings should be carefully planned. Rails can be made to travel up or downhill.

How to Craft

  • Materials:

    • 1 Stick
    • 6 Iron Ingots
  • Steps To Craft:

    • STICK
      • Firstly, in Minecraft, a stick is a basic item that may create a variety of other objects including rails. Because they can’t be placed in the environment or used on their own, they’re only used to make crafting materials.
      • 2 Wood Blocks will create 4 sticks. It is one of the easiest to craft in this game.
      • You must place an iron ore into a furnace to make an iron ingot. Fill your furnace with iron ore and the bottom with fuel.
      • There will be 6 Iron ores to make 6 Iron ingots.
    • RAILS
      • When creating rails, it’s critical to align the iron ingots and the stick in the exact pattern. Six iron ingots and a single stick generate 16 rails.

        Screengrab Courtesy of William Strife via YouTube
      Screengrab Courtesy of William Strife via YouTube
      • Powered rails can adjust the speed of a minecart. They increase the speed when fuelled by Redstone and act as a brake when switched off.

        Screengrab Courtesy of William Strife via YouTube

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