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Smooth Stone is a common block in Minecraft, and some people prefer it because of its aesthetics. This will be a quick tutorial on how to make Smooth Stone and build awesome structures. Let us begin.

Smooth stone is a common building material. It is, however, explosion resistant and has a nice uniform design, making it an excellent choice for building a home or fortress.


Smooth stone is a good option if you want to update your buildings from dirt or simple cobblestone. It will appear a lot cleaner.


  • You’ll need two things to make a smooth stone:

    • a furnace
    • stone
  • Steps To Craft:

    • Fill the borders of your Crafting Table with cobblestone to build a Furnace.
      • A furnace allows you to smelt things using fuel and create new ones.

        Screengrab Courtesy of AserGaming via YouTube
      • This Furnace is also required to obtain the stone.
    • Stone is one of the most general elements in Minecraft and mining it will generate a cobblestone.
      Screengrab Courtesy of AserGaming via YouTube
      • Take that cobblestone and smelt it to get stone.

        Screengrab Courtesy of AserGaming via YouTube
      • For each piece of cobblestone you smelt, you’ll receive one unit of stone.
    • You can start making smooth stones after you have your Furnace and stone.
      • Fill the Furnace with coal and insert a stone unit inside. It will generate a smooth stone after a few moments.

        Screengrab Courtesy of drackiseries via YouTube

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