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Minecraft remains one of the most popular games played both casually and professionally around the world. While playing, people are continuously learning and achieving new things. One such discovery is the presence of Buried Treasure, which can pay off handsomely if you know where to look. This tutorial has been updated to include new methods for locating expensive objects without using a map.

Treasure Maps

  • Only shipwrecks and ocean ruins can be searched for buried treasure maps. Underwater structures resembling sunken ships are known as shipwrecks. It’s advisable to be cautious when exploring shipwrecks because mobs such as drowned spawning may exist.
  • Shipwrecks will also spawn in various locations. You may see a shipwreck on its side stuck in ice, etc. They can also partially spawn on land or bury themselves on the seashore.
Image Courtesy of Avomance
  • Each shipwreck can include up to a few boxes containing a variety of valuables. To receive a treasure map, you must first locate the map chest. Although it will not be named, this chest will be found in the ship’s lowest section. A map box/chest will almost probably contain a buried treasure map.
  • Ocean ruins, like shipwrecks, can be found underwater. They’re a little less common than shipwrecks, yet they can be rather dangerous to traverse. These structures, which resemble an underwater hamlet, can be found in ocean biomes. There will be chests full of loot hidden within the structures of an ocean ruin. These chests have a 43 percent chance of containing a buried treasure map. Searching for a buried treasure map in shipwrecks is still a superior option.

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