Minecraft update 1.20 snapshot and beta: How to find Sniffer and its uses

Sniffer in Minecraft snapshot

As Minecraft players get ready for the upcoming 1.20 update, snapshot, and beta have already been added for the two versions. Snapshot and beta are basically the pre-release content for Java ad Bedrock editions respectively.

The name of the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 update has already been announced by the developers. It is slated to be the Minecraft Trails and Tales update. Every single Minecraft update brings in new additions to the game in terms of new mobs, items, and sometimes new biomes even.

Much like that, a new mob is being added to the game in the upcoming Minecraft 1.20 Trails and Tales update. This humongous mob is called a Sniffer and here is how to find one.

Minecraft 1.20 Sniffer guide

Every major update of Minecraft sees a new mob being added to the game. And in a similar fashion, Camels, and Sniffers will be added with the Minecraft 1.20 update. With the snapshot and beta for the upcoming update already out, here is everything you need to know regarding a Sniffer.

Ancient creatures or mobs in Minecraft are a rather dull-looking bunch. However, with the release of Sniffer, the stereotype has been challenged. With all the colorful features, Sniffers are hard to accept as an ancient mob.

A Sniffer’s main goal in life is to search for torchflower seeds and in order to find them, they can easily dig through almost all sorts of blocks. Thankfully though, farmland blocks cannot be dug through by a Sniffer. So, in case you wish to tame one, your farms remain safe.

How to find Sniffers in Minecraft 1.20

During the reveal of update 1.20, Minecraft developers referred to Sniffers as an extinct ancient species. And even if you acquire the current snapshots and beta update, finding a Sniffer is quite impossible.

This is due to the fact that they do not spawn anywhere in the world. Rather, one must go to creative mode and spawn it to witness it in action. Once you enter a world in creative mode, you can get a Sniffer through spawn egg or just by typing the “/summon mincraft:sniffer” command.

Once the official update drops, players must roam around the world to find Sniffer spawn eggs and bring them home. Wait for them to hatch and voila, you have a Sniffer.

Uses of Sniffer

Sniffers are passive mobs that will be added in the next update. The sole purpose of s Sniffer is to dig through the world looking for torchflower seeds. Once you acquire Sniffers, you can even breed them using their favorite food, torchflower seed.

A sniffer diggin
A Sniffer digging in Minecraft 1.20 snapshot and beta – Image via Mojang

Now one might ask what the purpose of this creature is other than having giant colorful creatures in your backyard. Well, torchflower seeds will most probably become a very essential item in Minecraft once the update drops. And the only way to obtain those is to let a Sniffer dig through blocks.

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