MIR4 is one of the most advanced games in terms of mechanics among those that allow players to earn their own coins.

MIR4 is a full-fledged MMORPG in which players are entrusted with assisting a princess in escaping an evil lord attempting to marry her, as well as discovering the secrets underlying her mysterious powers with the help of their grandmaster.

Top 5 Classes


The Arbalist is a skilled marksman who acts as the game’s version of a ranged DPS. Arbalists, like archers and rangers in other MMOs, love annihilating adversaries from a distance while ensuring she and her teammates are always prepared to flee.

The Arbalist is a wonderful class for players who wish to stay safe because of her distance control. Their diverse skill set allows them to quickly engage and retreat from combat.

Important Skills

Arrow Rain Arrow Rain, their Ultimate Attack, fires a rain of arrows at a target area, weakening foes who are hit.
Cloaking This skill, which is one of the Arbalist’s mainstays, renders them invisible to adversaries. Attacks from this position inflict more damage when done correctly.
Illusion Arrow, Burst Shell
These skills provide the Arbalist with much-needed combat mobility by acting as both teleportation and a quick strike move.
Flash Arrow
This is a stunning attack that can buy time for the Arbalist’s allies to mount a counter-offensive.


Despite their extensive set of talents, the Sorcerer excels at adjusting too nearly any combat situation. Their supportive spells, in addition to their powerful magical strikes, enable them to shift the tide of battle even in tiny numbers.

Anyone planning to play the Sorcerer should keep an eye out for ways to counter their opponents. Sorcerers have a toolbox that is primarily reliant on responding to an enemy’s plan, therefore knowing the Sorcerer’s spells and the enemy’s natural weaknesses can nearly always assure the player’s success.

Important Skills

Dragon Tornado Because of its enormous AOE damage, this Ultimate Attack produces a fiery whirlwind that may devastate the whole battlefield.
Frozen Block This is an excellent defensive skill because it freezes the Sorcerer’s body and renders it impervious to attacks for a short time. Enemies that attempt to attack the Sorcerer will be briefly frozen as well.
Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning is a useful AOE that can electrocute not only one target but other adversaries in its immediate vicinity.
Dark Vortex
As it causes damage, this spell opens a portal to another reality, pulling opponents into its event horizon. This serves as a strong deterrent to opposing attacks since the Sorcerer has the ability to drag them in any direction they want.


Players who have played other MMOs will appreciate the Lancer’s ability to deal with the highest DPS in the game. The Lancer has a toolset that specializes in high mobility and high intensity, similar to Rogues and other DPS-intensive roles in other games, pushing players to constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to maximize their rotations.

Lancers are generally always in demand when it comes to raids due to their great damage output. They also aid their friends in outlasting foes in terms of total damage using their support skills. Lancers, on the other hand, can be rather frustrating to play due to their steep learning curve.

Important Skills

Dragon Spear Dragon Spear, which serves as their Ultimate Attack, offers temporary invincibility while casting and can even knock down its victim. This is a deadly Ultimate that can allow heavy-hitting combinations to be used against adversaries.
Ravaging Blow This is a stunning attack that can lower enemy speed and reaction time, making it one of the Lancer’s finest combo openers.
Crescent Blade
This seemingly innocuous strike has a high likelihood of knocking down adversaries, making it an excellent option to end combinations. If this succeeds, the Lancer can begin another high-hit combination.
Double Strike
Double Strike is a popular combo finisher that does a lot of damage. When used against a chilled or stunned enemy, Double Strike not only deals more damage but also improves the player’s attack speed.


Thanks to their straightforward nature, the Warrior is easily one of the best classes in the game in terms of balance. Their incredible base defense, health, and attack make them ideal for beginners to the game. Moreover, their high defense means the game won’t punish them as much if they commit mistakes throughout the course of a raid.

From a veteran’s perspective, the Warrior is still an enjoyable class given its access to straightforward damage-dealing combos. Its well-balanced nature makes it a relatively safe PVE class to play, although some would want more variety seen in the other classes.

Important Skills

Dragon Flame This Ultimate Strike adds Chi Fire to the Warrior’s attack. When it lands, the area is set to flame, and the Warrior receives a damage bonus for the time.
Splitting Slash This move cancels opposing skills, giving the Warrior plenty of opportunity to counterattack and assault everything in sight.
Iron Shackle
This low-cost skill attracts adversaries to the Warrior, allowing for a simple combination.
Unbreakable Stance
This modest AOE gives the player a massive damage and evasion increase, allowing the Warrior to unleash devastating assaults without fear of penalties.


The Taoist’s preference for close-quarters combat will appeal to martial arts fans. Because of the distance between foes, this class isn’t recommended for players who aren’t used to battling enemies this close all of the time. With this in mind, the Taoist faces a high learning curve, particularly when it comes to striking a balance between healing and damage.

The Taoist relies on gap-closing against the enemy’s forces in terms of playstyle. Taoists that are able to heal faster than their opponents will be able to effortlessly dominate conflicts. In team fights, knowing which combination of talents to employ can easily dictate the battle’s flow.

Important Skills

Ray Of Light The Taoist fires a ray of light that attacks everything in front of them as their Ultimate Attack.
Heal Heal, the Taoist’s pièce de résistance is possibly the best healing ability in the game. This heals both the Taoists and their allies when invoked.
Guardian Circle
Guardian Circle improves the Taoist’s and their allies’ overall protection against physical damage when activated.
Expulsion Circle
The Taoist will be able to withstand spell damage once engaged. This is a useful benefit against sorcerers and other opponents who rely on magic.

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