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In this article, we will discuss all details about Mobile Legends’ Eid Adha Mubarak Event. From July 4, 2022, through July 17, 2022, there is a short-lived event in Mobile Legends Bang Bang called the Festive Eve of Eid Adha Mubarak. You could acquire sheep as payment by fulfilling specific objectives.

Additionally, gamers may receive free elite skins, hero fragments, and small emblem packs by exchanging the gold for sheep.

Mobile Legends: Eid Adha Mubarak – Free Skin (July 2022)

As we all know, Moonton always comes up with new events every month and fans are always excited to participate. Fans of course do expect a whole lot of freebies during these times especially when it comes to free skin giveaways.

All players in Mobile Legends became skin collectors of their favorite heroes because of these kinds of events. So, with that being said, let’s go through this article and talk about how to grab the free Elite Skin and what other activities are in store for all players joining the Eid Adha Mubarak Event – in July 2022. Enjoy!

Earn sheep currency in the Mobile Legends Eid Adha Mubarak Event

Both prizes for logging in and awards for finishing particular one-time tasks grant access to the currency. In this case, grinding will only require playing a few matches per day, as these duties are fairly straightforward. Please see the detailed information provided below.

Login Rewards

Day 1:  1 sheep.
Day 2- Day 5:  2 sheep each day. (8 sheep)
Day 6- Day 10: 3 sheep each day. (15 sheep)
Day 11- Day 14: 4 sheep each day. (16 sheep)
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One-time tasks rewards

Complete 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Brawl: 1 sheep.
Complete 1 match in Classic/Ranked/Brawl with friends: 1 sheep
Share the event: 1 sheep.
Deal 85,000 damage in Classic/Ranked/Brawl: 2 sheep.
Destroy 8 turrets: 3 sheep
Score 20 kills: 3 sheep
Complete 14 matches in Classic/Ranked/Brawl: 3 sheep


Free Elite Skin in MLBB July 2022 Eid Adha Mubarak Event

Total Sheep Currency available: 54 sheep
Sheeps required to get a skin: 30 sheep
Sheep required for Frame: 10 sheep
Sheeps required for Lantern: 5 sheep
    • 2 sheeps are needed to complete the Hero Fragments. One sheep is needed for the small emblem bundle.
    • Players might so choose from the following skins. The skins are all elite skins with stunning designs and excellent animations.

Elite Skins Available

Aldous: Death
Cecilion: The Illusionist
Gusion: Hairstylist
Khaleed: Crescent Scimitar
Lesley: General Rosa



  • Nathan Starlight Skin – Coming in August 2022
  • Sun Epic Skin – Coming in August 2022


Image Courtesy of ML_Leaks – Mobile Legends via Facebook
  • Moonton’s continued attempts to bring these cartoons to the Land of Dawn are evident in the leaks of the collaboration that have been shared by, among others, dafrixkun and Mobile Legends.
    • Po and other Kung Fu Panda characters are likely to appear in the Land of Dawn’s newest skin collaboration together with other Kung Fu Panda characters.
    • Three skins will be offered for the first release of the collaboration. Po will be joined by the antagonists of the series General Kai and Lord Shen.
    • The cute series’ lead character Po, who wishes to learn Kung Fu, will subsequently be played by Akai (who, in our opinion, ought to be playing Po, LOL!).
    • Lord Shen, the peacock from the second movie, will be played by Ling, while General Kai, the terrifying enemy bull who betrays Master Oogway, will be played by Thamuz.
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