Monopoly GO: Scottie’s Spa Event | All Rewards + How to Get

Monopoly GO: Scottie’s Spa Event | All Rewards + How to Get

Another routine event is back in Monopoly GO called the Scottie’s Spa Event. This limited time event holds a number of amazing rewards like dice rolls, cash and card packs for you to win and collect. We will be listing all of them in this article along with the guide on how to get them. Make sure to claim all the rewards from the Scottie’s Spa Event in Monopoly GO before the time runs out.

How to play the Scottie’s Spa event in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO: Scottie’s Spa Event | All Rewards + How to Get - How to Play
Screengrab Courtesy of Monopoly GO
  • As part of the event, you will have to collect bones (points) for your furry friend Scottie. Upon reaching certain milestones, you are going to get numerous rewards in return.
  • You are going to gain these points after landing on three types of tiles – Chance, Community Chest and Railroad. The Chance tile gives you 2 points while the tiles of Community Chest and Railroad provide you with 3 and 5 points respectively.
  • Do not forget to use the multiplier feature in order to earn a greater number of points. While the multiplier can range from 2x to 20x or even 50x (during temporary boost), we would recommend using the 5x or 10x for the optimum amount of dice consumption.
  • While you are going to get plenty of dice rolls from the event alone, it never hurts to have too many of them. Feel free to check out our guide to get additional dice rolls for free.
  • Scottie’s Spa is quite generous as you will often stumble upon the tiles that are relevant for this event. Be sure to use up your dice rolls once they are fully replenished.

All Rewards from the Monopoly GO Scottie’s Spa event

Below is the list of all the Rewards along with their corresponding point milestones from the Scottie’s Spa event in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO: Scottie’s Spa Event | All Rewards + How to Get - All Rewards List
Courtesy of Monopoly GO via Facebook
Scottie’s Spa Event Milestone Points Required Scottie’s Spa Event Rewards
1 25 Cash Rewards
2 20 Green Sticker Pack
3 40 20 dice rolls
4 45 Cash Rewards
5 150 75 dice rolls
6 40 Cash rewards
7 50 120 dice rolls
8 55 Green Sticker Pack
9 65 10 Mins Cash Grab
10 375 200 dice rolls
11 60 Cash rewards
12 75 Cash rewards
13 90 Green Sticker pack
14 80 Cash rewards
15 100 Cash rewards
16 850 450 dice rolls
17 100 Cash rewards
18 110 Orange Sticker Pack
19 120 5 Mins Cash Boost
20 115 Cash rewards
21 1.3K 700 dice rolls
22 150 Pink Sticker Pack
23 160 Cash rewards
24 175 Cash rewards
25 200 Cash rewards
26 2K 950 dice rolls
27 275 10 Mins High Roller
28 300 Orange Sticker Pack
29 325 Cash rewards
30 400 100 dice rolls
31 1.5K Cash rewards
32 450 120 dice rolls
33 500 Cash rewards
34 650 Blue Sticker Pack
35 750 Cash rewards
36 5K 2K dice rolls
37 800 Cash rewards
38 900 25 Mins Rent Frenzy
39 1K Blue Sticker Pack
40 1.5K Cash rewards
41 10K 3.8K dice rolls
42 1.6K 20 Mins High Roller
43 1.75K Cash rewards
44 1.9K Purple Sticker Pack
45 8K Cash rewards
46 2K 500 dice rolls
47 3K Blue and Gold Sticker Pack
48 3.5K Cash rewards
49 4K 15 Mins Cash Grab
50 17.5K Blue and Gold Sticker Pack and 7.5 dice rolls


Now you know about every reward and how to get them from the Scottie’s Spa event in Monopoly GO. How many rewards have you been able to collect so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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