Most Favorite TXT 'Sugar Rush Ride' dance challenge - Ranked

K-pop interactions became just more fun and exciting with all these dance challenges. One of the most notable dance challenges recently came from TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s latest comeback track Sugar Rush Ride. Girl group and boy group members, soloists, and sports personalities, which are your best and favorite TXT’s Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge made yet? Here’s our ranked list, including the latest TXT and BTS Jimin’s doing the dance challenge! Check out TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s official TikTok account for more clips!

TXT’s Sugar Rush Ride

Before we jump into TOMORROW X TOGETHER collecting K-pop idols with their dance challenges, let’s dive into their latest comeback first. TXT dropped their newest album entitled “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION“. The mini-album consists of five songs, including the title track, Sugar Rush Ride.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge, TXT
Image Courtesy of TXT OFFICIAL via Twitter (@TXT_bighit)
  • The song sounds catchy already, but with the cool and sexy choreo, it certainly should be a dance challenge. Well, you may do your #SugarRushRide dance challenge on TikTok too. Show the online video content platform what you got, MOAs!

1) BTS Jimin

The most recent yet certainly the fan favorite should be the Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge of TXT with BTS Jimin. Aside from the smooth moves delivered by Park Jimin, the casual fit adds cuteness to the idol.


U know it’s #SugarRushRide when you’re with #Jimin 선배님 @BTS #SOOBIN #BEOMGYU #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TEMPTATION


  • However, there’s this trending question about the latest TikTok clip — what are BTS Jimin and TXT’s respective heights? As fans noticed, Jimin, who stands 174cm (5’8 1/2) looked small in between the 185cm (6’1) Soobin and 180cm (6’0) Beomgyu. Jimin’s tall, it’s just that his hoobaes are taller than him.
  • As of this writing, a day after it was posted on TXT’s TikTok account, the video reached 22.7 million views and 6.3 million likes. This dance challenge video earned the most views and likes among all Sugar Rush Ride DCs on TXT’s TikTok.

2) Soloist Lee Young Ji

Alright, this should be one for the books on all Sugar Rush Ride dance challenges. Let’s give it up for soloist Lee Young Ji and her epic ‘fall’. This interaction has been one of the first videos of this challenge, and fans just loved the comedy at the end of the video.


#이영지 너무 고맙다 진짜루 #업고놀자_실패 #TEMPTATION #SugarRushRide


  • TXT’s team even posted two videos, the failed piggyback attempt, and the successful one next. The video garnered praise for their dance moves and of course, the ending where Youngji fell on her knees as she failed to carry Soobin on her back. She redeemed herself on the second video though!
  • As of this writing, this video gathered 9.6 million views with 2.4 million likes. The successful take got 4.1 million views, by the way.

3) ENHYPEN Jungwon

Ranking third on our list would be the cute interaction of the members of the maknae line of TXT and ENHYPEN — Taehyun and Jungwon. Well, aside from their cuteness, pretty sure Jungwon slayed the Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge.


항상 먼저 연락주는 #JUNGWON 이랑 #SugarRushRide @enhypen #TEMPTATION


  • The video caption was too much to handle if you’re an MOA and ENGENE. It writes (and translates to), “With the one who always contacts me first,” and there goes our teary-eyed emoji.
  • Currently, this TXT and ENHYPEN dance challenge interaction reached 5 million views and 1.5 million likes on TikTok. What adds this as a fan favorite? The heart at the end which Jungwon initiated, these two cuties!

4) Kep1er Huening Bahiyyih

We wouldn’t miss it for the world to put the Huening siblings’ doing the Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge. Kep1er’s Bahiyyih danced with his brother, Huening Kai for this challenge.


업고 놀자 휴닝가 ver. #HUENINGKAI with #휴닝바히에 #HUENING_BAHIYYIH #케플러 #Kep1er @Kep1er #TEMPTATION #SugarRushRide


  • Honestly, we would love to see more sibling interactions in the K-pop community. As the lyrics go, “Gimme, gimme more,” and we want more TikTok DCs from the Huening Siblings! Oh, Hiyyih piggybacked Kai at the end of the video, peek at it below!
  • Moreover, this Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge happens to be the second most viewed at 20.1 million. It garnered 4.8 million likes as well. The Huening siblings’ supremacy, exactly!


We’ve been thinking about whether to put (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon or ENHYPEN’s Heeseung at this place, but we chose this one. With all the 4th generation dance challenges around, it’s a rare sight to see a 3rd generation dancing to it, and VIVIZ (or GFRIEND) member SinB just did that.


we’re so addictive #SugarRushRide #YEONJUN with #SINB #신비 #VIVIZ #비비지 @VIVIZ #TEMPTATION


  • We’re like seeing two main dancers, Yeonjun and SinB, swiftly slaying all dance moves in Sugar Rush Ride. Pretty sure we’re not the only ones who screamed with this interaction, and it even had a caption, “we’re so addictive,” and they’re right!
  • Both idols are known to be great dancers and seeing them together, just makes this one of the fan favorites too! Also, their unexpectedly matched outfits made the TXT Sugar Rush Ride dance challenge seem like a collab! The video has 4.1 million views with nearly 1 million likes.

TXT and BTS Jimin, interaction
Image Courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC via Twitter (@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

K-pop idols’ interactions may be rare during this generation, but surely these TikTok dance challenges get them together. Whether 2nd gen, 3rd gen, or 4th gen, we love to see more!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER continues to post more Sugar Rush Ride dance challenges having different idols and personalities join them. Who are your favorites and who do you think would be dancing with them soon?

Have you seen TXT’s latest comeback? If you have any questions about TOMORROW X TOGETHER or K-pop, you can also share them below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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