Munna Pokemon Go - How To Catch Easy Guide

Two new Pokemon have arrived in Pokemon Go – Munna and Musharna. Now, it’s important you know how to catch Munna during the Pokemon Go Valentine’s Day event so that you don’t miss the chance to add it to your collection. Here’s how to catch Munna and evolve it into Musharna.

How To Catch Munna in Pokemon Go – Easy Guide

Munna is available for you to catch in three ways –

  1. The easiest way to encounter Munna is via boosted spawns in the wild. Make sure you have an Incense active and you might find it easily in the wild.
  2. The other way is through one star raids at gyms near you. Go look for them or find friends who already caught one. That way, you can defeat them and catch Munna with extra bonus items, say, Rare Candies.
  3. Other way to do it is by hatching Munna from 5km eggs. You recieve these from Poke Stops during the Valentine’s Day event. This will give you extra candy and a high IV Munna that can be evolved into Musharna.

How To Evolve Munna Into Musharna in Pokemon Go

You can evolve Munna into Musharna using 50 candies. You’ll, however, require a Unova Stone. Once you have both the items, tap on Munna, and finish the task. This will add a Musharna to your Pokedex.

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