Many players who bought Naraka Bladepoint on PC via Steam are experiencing a variety of issues. For several, the game will crash, and for others, it will not even start. This is an issue that a lot of people are having. Many posted on Steam are experiencing glitches even with having a decent gaming setup.

How To Fix

  • FIX #1: Check that the game is running on Windows 10 before starting. Windows 7 does not support Naraka Bladepoint.
  • FIX #2: Nvidia has already announced a Naraka Bladepoint-optimized driver. The current version is 471.68. To fix any compatibility problems, update your drivers and operating system. Any DirectX or Direct3D glitches in Naraka Bladepoint would be fixed as well.
  • FIX #3: Install the game on your SSD. Many players have noted a big difference including FPS drop reduction and fewer crashes.
  • FIX #4: Make a note of the Naraka Bladepoint.exe file in your antivirus software’s exceptions list. You can also temporarily turn off your antivirus software.
  • FIX #5: Simply navigate to the Naraka Bladepoint installation folder, right-click on the.exe file, and select “Run as administrator.” Check “Run this program as Administrator” on the Compatibility tab. That’s all there is to it.
  • FIX #6: If you receive errors such as “vcruntime140 1.dll is missing” or “MSVCP140.dll not found,” you should contact your system administrator. Then, if it wasn’t installed correctly, install the most recent version of Visual C ++ redistributable.
  • FIX #7: Several corrupted files in the folder could be causing the boot / start error. You can easily solve it by repairing the game via Steam. Right-click on Naraka Bladepoint in your library. Check the integrity of the game files by going to Properties> Local Files> Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • FIX #8: Lastly, if nothing else works, try reinstalling the game in a new location.
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