Top 3 Revenge K-dramas to watch on Netflix – Ranked

Top 3 Revenge K-dramas to watch on Netflix - Ranked

If you’re chilling at home thinking of what you could do, then might as well hop into a new drama! After finishing the thrilling and jaw-dropping K-drama, The Glory, you should know that there are more revenge-themed dramas waiting for you on Netflix. So to help you decide on what’s next on your watchlist, here are the top 3 revenge K-dramas to watch on Netflix!

Can’t get enough of Moon Dong-Eun’s story? These K-dramas would keep you on the edge of your seat too. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the adventure you’re about to get onto! Here are K-dramas you can stream right away, and feel free to leave us your thoughts below.

Revenge K-drama to stream on Netflix

With the recent success of Song Hye-Kyo’s The Glory on Netflix, you may be one of those viewers who wish to watch more revenge K-dramas. Fear not, as this list may help you get through the phase of wanting to see smart, revengeful leads in Korean dramas. And if Moon Dong-Eun’s story revolves around bullying, more K-drama stories center around family and money!

3) The World of the Married (2020)

Episodes: 16

Watch it on Netflix | The World of the Married

We can’t say that this K-drama is anything lighter than the others. I never knew that this K-drama could make my blood boil in anger when I first saw this drama. If you love Han So-Hee, you’ll probably love her more when you see her acting here, but it’ll definitely anger you with her character at the same time.

The K-drama is based on a BBC One series entitled Doctor Foster. The story brings you to a whirlwind of revenge, love, betrayal, grief, and more. It may be three years ago since its release, but this marked the highest-rated drama in Korean cable history.

The World of the Married revolves around the story of Ji Seon-U, a family medicine doctor and also the associate director at the Family Love Hospital, and wed to Lee Tae-Oh, an aspiring director. They have a son, Lee Jun-Yeong, however, problems arise as Tae-Oh began to have an affair with Yeo Da-Kyung. Seon-U thinks she has the perfect family, friends, and even the perfect life, not when she knew about the affair and everything just falls apart. So you better watch how Ji Seon-U takes on the revenge road for this K-drama!

  • Kim Hee-Ae, Park Hae-Joon, and Han So-Hee lead this revenge-romance drama. While other cast includes Lee Kyung-Young, Lee Moo-Saeng, Kim Young-Min, Shim Eun-Woo, Park Sun-Young, and Jeon Jin-Seo.

2) Taxi Driver (2021)

Episodes: 16

Watch it on Netflix | Taxi Driver

In case you missed it, Taxi Driver dropped on April 2021 and was continuously praised for its storyline. If you always pass this by your Netflix homepage, you should know that this isn’t just a story of a simple taxi driver, yet a revenge K-drama.

K-dramas on Netflix, taxi driver
Image Courtesy of Netflix

At a young age, Kim Do-Ki (played by Lee Je-Hoon) lost his mother as she was murdered by a serial killer way back. Do-Ki became a former Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) and now works as a taxi driver.

The twist though: Do-Ki works as a taxi driver under a company that offers “revenge-call” services. So if one avail of the service Do-Ki and his co-workers should be on their way to do it. BTW, it has a season two if you can’t get enough of the first!

  • Joining Lee Je-Hoon, the cast includes Esom as Kang Ha-Na and Ahn Go-Eun as Pyo Ye-Jin. More familiar names like Kim Eui-Sung, Park Jin-Hee, Cha Ji-Yeon, Yoo Seung-Mok, Jang Hyuk-Jin, and Bae Yoo-Ram can be caught in the series too.

1) Vincenzo (2021)

Episodes: 20

Watch it on Netflix | Vincenzo

This list wouldn’t be complete without the thrilling K-drama, Vincenzo. It may not have the same full-on revenge plot as the recent The Glory, but pretty sure it has similar mind games and strategies. It may get boring with its pacing, but trust us, you’re in for a treat, that’s for sure. You might wish for some romance on the side, well, it also has that.

Revenge K-dramas on Netflix, Vincenzo
Image Courtesy of Netflix

Welcome to the world of Vincenzo, a mafia conglomerate that seeks to reclaim 1.5 tons of gold in a building basement. Things turn into a zigzag when he found out that a firm unlawfully acquired the Geumga Plaza, hence the question, how can Vincenzo Cassano get the gold? If you’re a fan of mind games and action, with a hint of revenge, then you must add Vincenzo to your watchlist!

  • Alongside Song Joong-Ki in this K-drama, known names like Jeon Yeo-Bin, Taecyeon, and Jo Han-Chul star Vincenzo. Kim Yeo-Jin, Seo Jin-Won, Kwak Dong-Yeon, Yoo Jae-Myung, Yoon Byung-Hee, and Yoon Bok-In join the stellar cast of this 2021 K-drama!

More revenge K-dramas to watch

While all the three K-dramas above can be streamed on Netflix, there are more dramas outside the online streaming giant to watch! Before the release of The Glory on Netflix, revenge dramas have been around the Korean drama industry for a while. So if you got hooked on the theme, then here’s a list of more K-dramas you can stream and enjoy!

  • The Glory (2023; Netflix) – Starring Song Hye-Kyo, Lim Ji-Yeon, Jung Sung-Il, Lee Do-Hyun, Cha Joo-Young, Kim Hieora, Park Sung-Hoon, and Kim Gun-Woo.
  • Reborn Rich (2022; Viu Premium) – Starring Song Joong-Ki, Lee Sung-Min, and Shin Hyun-Been
  • Lawless Lawyer (2018; Netflix) – Starring Lee Joon-Gi and Seo Yea-Ji
  • Revenge of Others (2022; Disney+) – Starring Park Solomon, Shin Ye-Eun, and Seo Ji-Hoon
  • My Name (2021; Netflix) – Starring Han So-Hee

If you have any questions about these top 3 revenge K-dramas or even K-pop, share them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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