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Players can buy a house if they choose, and owning a home in New World has more benefits than just another space to decorate. Houses offer some unique bonuses, buffs, and additional storage. Players will still be able to place furniture in their homes as they see fit. Houses offer some unique bonuses making them a hot commodity for those who live and breathe the world of Aeternum.

Should You Buy A House?

The procedure of purchasing a home in New World is quite straightforward, but players will not be able to go into any town and buy one. They’ll need to gain a certain amount of “standing” in the area where the house is located before they can put down the cash to buy it. Players may earn standing by doing duties in the region, such as quests and town board responsibilities.

The biggest attraction of purchasing a property in New World is the greater storage space. Despite the fact that each town has a storage shed, players that spend a lot of time mining, crafting, chopping wood, and collecting all kinds of ingredients will be swamped with stuff.

Screengrab Courtesy of Sethphir via YouTube

Players who own a house can install specialized chests to the interior to gain access to more storage. The amount of chests a player can have in a given house is controlled by the house size and initial cost. And also some sort of chests they manufacture.

The addition of trophies is another perk of house ownership that is sometimes neglected by novice players. These customized decorations can be installed in a residence and provide a worldwide bonus that affects everything from mining and crafting to travel and warfare. Homes also provide players with a free fast travel point every 2-4 hours.

Pros & Cons


  • Allows players to add trophies that improve their overall metrics, such as EXP, standing, looting, fighting prowess, and a variety of other things.
  • Gives players access to additional storage, up to four chests depending on the size of their house. Each with a maximum capacity of 500 square feet (craftable).
  • Players will be able to fast-travel to their home once every 2-4 hours (depending on house cost).
  • Houses can be fully furnished with a variety of furniture, and players can invite people to view their work.


  • Players will have to pay weekly taxes on any residences they own.
  • Those who do not pay their taxes will forfeit their trophy buffs and other benefits.
  • House taxes are linked to the company that owns the land where the house is located. Companies can demand exorbitant tax rates if they choose to.
  • To make decorations or trophies, players will need to grind a lot to get their Furniture skills up. Otherwise, they will have to buy them.

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