Overwatch 2: Improve your Ramattra game with these basic tips!

Overwatch 2 Improve your Ramattra game with these basic tips!

Ramattra is a new tank in Overwatch 2. Check out these tips and strategies for using him to advance in the rankings. He possesses a wide variety of skills, each of which has its own benefits that may not be immediately clear to new users. Getting acclimated to Ramattra’s pace playstyle and form switch abilities might be challenging at first, but these tips should help.

Who is Ramattra?

Upon the release of the Season 2 Battle Pass on December 6, Ramattra got his Overwatch 2 introduction alongside it. Legend has it that Ramattra was programmed to lead the omnics into combat. Having given up on the idea of building a civilized society alongside humans, he took it upon himself to serve as the commander of the Null Sector.

Ramattra Basic Tips

  • In Overwatch 2, knowing when to properly utilize Ramattra is just as important as knowing how to make the most of each of his abilities. For maximum effectiveness, Ramattra should be used in his Nemesis form, which is where the bulk of his damage is delivered.
  • Location is everything when you’re playing Ramattra, especially when you’re using his omnic form. In other situations, he needs to transform into Nemesis to soak up some damage and recover fast. This goes without saying that you’ll need to pick your form and battles more wisely.
  • It’s best to use him on smaller maps, such as Nepal, Kings Row, and Ilios. While his damage will be relatively weaker, his shield can push hitscan rivals to retreat, making him a good option on ranged maps.
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Ramattra’s Abilities and Ultimate

Void Accelerator (Omnic) / Pummel (Nemesis)
  1. Left Click (Primary): Fire a stream of projectiles in a fixed pattern
  2. Right Click (Secondary): Create a barrier at the targeted location
  • In both his omnic and Nemesis forms, these are his primary attacks, with Void Accelerator and Pummel, respectively. The ranged omnic form and the melee Nemesis form are two essential components of Ramattra’s toolkit.
  • The Void Accelerator may be used to shoot projectiles at your enemies, albeit it deals less damage and requires you to reload between shots.
  • When you right-click, a shield will appear at your target. Unlike Reinhardt’s hammer, the Pummel is a melee weapon with significant damage and decent range, but it needs accuracy.
  • As with Doomfist’s Power Block, right-clicking causes you to slow down and absorb an incoming attack. Nemesis form does have an additional advantage, in that it boosts your speed.
  • You can get the most out of both of these skills by switching between them at the right times. To get an edge on distant enemies, use Void Accelerator, while when you’re right up close, wipe them out with Pummel.
Ravenous Vortex (E)
  1. Launches a ball of nanites
  2. It explodes on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field
  3. Enemies within the force field’s influence are pulled to the ground
  4. The movement speed of enemies under the influence of the force field slowed
  • This skill is useful in tight spots against flying opponents because of the way it can knock them down.
  • Ramattra can use this skill to hurl an orb that has a perimeter of effect on nearby foes. Enemies within that range receive slow, steady damage and become rooted, unable to escape and move at a reduced speed.
Nemesis Form Switch
  1. Transforms into nemesis for about 8 seconds.
  2. When in nemesis form, gain 150 additional defense. (Increases total health from 450 to 600)
  • Changing into Nemesis form is a great way to speed up your respawn to the battle. The swap should be available again, by the time you arrive.
  • Using this skill, Ramattra can transform back and forth between his two forms. When in omnic form, his shield has a maximum of 1000 HP, but when in Nemesis form, he has increased resistance and agility.
 Ultimate: Annihilation (Q)
  1. Automatically switches to nemesis form, creating an energy zone around it
  2. Enemies within the energy zone take continuous damage
  3. The duration is maintained as long as you deal damage to enemies within the energy zone.
  • Ramattra’s ultimate skill is devastating especially if you have great support. Ramattra’s Nemesis form, courtesy of his ultimate, creates a swarm.
  • All surrounding enemies take damage for 3 seconds. In team battles, furthermore, the timer is extended if you inflict damage using melee or other skills.
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