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Despite facing a bunch of problems at launch, Overwatch 2 is finally here! Players have been keeping themselves busy trying their hand at the new content and modes introduced in Overwatch 2. One of the most popular modes in Overwatch 2 at the moment is the Push game mode. In this mode, players have to bring a robot into enemy territory to instantly win the game. Although it sounds simple enough, you’ll still want to be prepared when playing this mode. Keep on reading to find out the best and worst heroes to use in the Push game mode for Overwatch 2.

This game mode is just like taking control of a payload objective and moving it across the map. One of the best ways to win in this Overwatch 2 game mode is by choosing the right heroes. You already gain an upper hand on your opponents by picking the best hero that will do the job in Push.

Best Heroes to use for Push mode in Overwatch 2

Each hero in Overwatch 2 has their own abilities which can either make or break your team. You should make sure that you and your teammates pick the right heroes for the job as modes like Push can become quite challenging as it drags on.

1. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is definitely a good pick for players who like playing as the team’s tank. Even though this hamster-controlled mech is a tank, one of its abilities is being able to roll around the map to get around quicker and faster. This makes Wrecking Ball the most mobile tank character in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Wrecking Ball
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Speed is definitely a much-needed attribute in a game mode like Push. This is because if you respawn, you’re back at your team’s base instead of spawning somewhere near the objective. Wrecking Ball is also one of the best heroes for the Push mode in Overwatch 2 because of its ability to slam into the ground and catch enemies off-guard.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Gameplay
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

With Wrecking Ball, retaking and maintaining control over the objective is easier to do.

2. Sombra

If you want to play as your team’s damage dealer, Sombra is a wise choice for the Push mode. We already mentioned that speed is an important thing when playing in this mode as you need to be quick on your feet to beat the enemy team. Sombra is able to deliver as she has the ability to move quickly with her Stealth skill.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Sombra

Game modes like Push will always have players from both teams clumping together as they try and take control of the objective. Sombra’s Ultimate, EMP, lets her deal damage equal to 40% of enemies affected by it. Using her Ultimate also destroys any barriers that are getting in the way of you and your teammates.

3. Genji

Another fast character in Overwatch 2 is Genji. Aside from Genji being capable of dealing high DMG to enemies, you can also use his Swift Strike ability to dash forward. This is useful even if you’re not fighting against enemies and you need to catch up with the objective. If you do use this ability around enemies, you can inflict damage on them as well.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Genji
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

As for Genji’s Ultimate, using Dragonblade lets you use a melee weapon. The best time to use his Ultimate is if the enemy team is closing in on you or they’re all huddled near the objective. You can get a good number of kills if you perfectly time his Ultimate. It’s also worth noting that eliminating enemies gives you a temporary boost in movement and reload speed.

4. Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is a damage dealer in Overwatch 2 and his abilities make him one of the best picks for game modes like Push. Like the heroes we’ve listed so far, Soldier: 76 can move quickly with his Sprint ability. But what makes this hero unique is the fact that his Sprint ability doesn’t have a cooldown. This means that whenever you feel like sprinting, you can absolutely do that.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Soldier 76

He’s also an all-around character as he can deal a high amount of DMG and even provide healing for his teammates. His Helix Rockets are also a good thing to use if you want to quickly finish off enemies near you.

5. Reaper

For game modes like this, you should already expect that there is going to be a tank character on the enemy team. The best hero to counter an enemy tank is Reaper. This hero has a few tricks up his sleeves as his attacks allow him to regenerate his health. His Hellfire Shotguns are also great for close-range combat as they inflict a higher amount of DMG on enemies.

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Best and Worst Heroes to use - Reaper
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

You can also get the upper hand on enemies by using his Shadow Step ability which lets you teleport to a specific location. You can use this to catch them off-guard and if paired with Reaper’s Ultimate, Death Blossom, you can immediately wipe out the enemy team before they can even react.

Worst Heroes to use for Push

Although each hero in Overwatch 2 has their own unique set of abilities, you should always consider if they are a good choice to play in a mode like Push. Here are the worst heroes to use in this game mode. As much as possible, avoid using them if you want to play Push.

1. Widowmaker

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Widowmaker
Screengrab Courtesy of Hoshizora via YouTube

Widowmaker is a hero in Overwatch 2 who uses a sniper as a weapon. Although she can get pretty deadly, having her on your team in a game mode like Push is very risky. This is because her playstyle is more focused on her sniping at enemies from a distance. Playing from a distance in this particular game mode will actually make it harder for your team to win. Her Ultimate won’t be a big help in this game mode as well since what it does is reveal the enemy’s position.

2. Ashe

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Ashe
Screengrab Courtesy of Hoshizora via YouTube

Another hero in Overwatch 2 who uses a sniper is Ashe. Like Widowmaker, she can deal lots of damage with her weapon but still, she won’t be able to help your team in this game mode. You can always utilize her abilities but it’s still risky to use her in a game mode like Push.

3. Symmetra

Overwatch Push Game Mode - Symmetra
Screengrab Courtesy of Hoshizora via YouTube

We’re not going to lie, Symmetra’s Teleporter ability is useful in Push especially if you want respawning teammates to quickly teleport to your position. What makes her a bad choice for Push is her low health pool and her weapon. Keeping Symmetra alive for long enough is a challenge in itself. If you do decide to pick her for Push, you’ll have to look for strategies to stay alive while firing your beam attack on enemies. Remember that she can only deal a high amount of damage if you keep the beam attack firing.

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We hope this guide helped you in choosing the right heroes to use in Overwatch 2’s Push mode. If you have other questions or you want to recommend other heroes to use in this mode, leave them in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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