The Amulet Coin has been part of the Pokemon game series for quite a long time now. The Amulet Coin enables players to make loads of cash when they win battles. When trainers win in battles, the Coin will double the amount of cash that is earned. The Amulet Coin can be used in the latest installation of the Pokemon series as well.


The Amulet Coin can be found in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in Amity Square. Amity Square is present in Hearthhome city, behind the Pokemon Center.

  • Inside Amity Square, players will be able to walk around with a Pokemon at their side. They can talk to other trainers here, which might provide information on different hidden items.
  • Players will also find a man with a Drifloon in the northeastern corner of the Square. Two large structures will be seen behind this man, and the Amulet Coin can be found in the one on the left. Enter this structure and click around inside it and will be able to find it.


  • After retrieving the Amulet Coin from its location, players may now go to the “Other Items Pocket”. Here, any Pokemon can be given the Coin to keep.
  • Players will receive double the rewards if they win when this particular Pokemon is used in battle. However, this Pokemon does not have to win the entire battle but will have to take part in it.

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