In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players will find that several items are very useful to them. If you have a Fire-type Pokemon, Charcoal will come in handy to enhance the effectiveness of their moves.

However, Charcoal is not easy to come by in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. There are very few ways to get the items. Among them, one method will only be available after the Elite Four have been defeated. The other method is also based on luck. So, players will have to be geared up.


  • Route 227: Players will have to have beaten the Elite Four before they can use this method to obtain Charcoal. Once this is done, players will have access to Stark Mountain. After this, players can follow the steps below to obtain Charcoal.
  • Speak to the sailor at Snowpoint City to go to Resort Area. Go north to Route 229. From there, go northwest to Route 228. Players will have to use their bikes to cross the third narrow bridge, following the path. HM Rock Smash will be needed to smash a boulder on the path.
  • Climb down and go to the building/gate. This gate links Route 228 and Route 226. Go toward Route 226. On Route 226, go north toward Route 227. The bike can be used to jump over the small edges. Players will see a Ranger Trainer.
  • Then, jump down one ledge and move left toward the grass. Move around in this area and go past a house with a green roof and go up the stairs. Get across the narrow bridge. Next, go down a ledge on the left. Lastly, go to the right. A Poke Ball item will be found, the Charcoal is inside this item.
  • Catching Pokemon: You can also obtain Charcoal by capturing certain wild Pokemon. Vulpix, Ninetales, and Torkoal all have a 5% chance to hold Charcoal. While Torkoal can be captured in both Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, Vulpix is only available in Shining Pearl. The Frisk ability can also be used to verify if a wild Pokemon is holding Charcoal before capturing it.
  • You may use the Pokeradar to find it in Stark Mountain, Stark Mountain Entrance/Interior, and on Route 227.
  • It can be found in the Grand Underground once the National Dex has been received. Vulpix is available in four habitats. If Vulpix is not here, exit the location. Walk back in to respawn it.
    • Sandsear Cave
    • Spacious Cave
    • Typhlo Cavern
    • Volcanic Cave

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