The Pokemon: Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection is one of the most highly desirable items from Pokemon TCG. It’s a boon for those wanting to open cards to enjoy the contents inside and also something that collectors are after. As a potential collector and investor piece, many are trying to search for the best places to buy this product.

Inside it is three etched Charizard cards with designs never before released to the public. With how expensive Charizard can get, it’s no question why the box has many excited. You’ll also find a playmat and 16 booster packs. Here are some places you can check as you search for a place to buy them:

The Pokémon Center

The Pokemon Center is the company’s official shop for merchandise and TCG products. It is one of the first places to check and one you should frequent. You’ll find the product here are the lowest possible price because they sell at SRP.

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However, this is one of the most competitive websites to get cards, so you have to act fast. As soon as you see the collection in stock, buy one as early as possible. You’ll be fighting against many others, with some even complaining that the website has a bot issue.

You’ll also occasionally find sales and products that you won’t find in local game stores.

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TCG Player

TCG Player is a collection of stores and individual players selling cards and sealed products. You’ll find that many game stores are members of TCG Player, as it is a reliable way to sell products. As such, you can find listings for the Ultra-Premium Collection here. Many sellers are always online, and you have a guarantee of legitimacy from TCG Player.

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However, one thing to note with TCG Player is that the market adjusts quickly here. The product price may go up, especially with the hype around Charizard. Pre-order prices are usually higher. The product’s price during the release can also vary depending on demand.

When you can spare extra money to have a guarantee of the product appearing at your doorstep, this is one of the best options available.

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eBay has been around for a long time, and you can find almost anything for sale there. Collectibles have a big market on eBay, and you’ll find many sellers carrying Pokemon TCG. Some sellers will take pre-orders, while others may only post when they have the product in stock.

It’s a timing game here as well. You can get the Charizard Ultra-Premium Collection at lower prices if you have a chance to buy from a recent listing. eBay has tools to allow you to search and see these opportunities when they come.

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You can also participate in auctions, but these are very competitive. You can set a price to bid for an item, and eBay will automatically bid until you reach your limit. When the timer ends, the highest bid wins.

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