The encounter with Cynthia occurs as soon as the gamers have defeated the Elite Four. This suggests that the lineup that you put together to beat Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian must also be capable of defeating Cynthia!

Pre-Battle Preparations

  • Of course, you must carry lots of recovery supplies so that you may restore HP during and between combat. Considering that the game’s best techniques have less PP compared to others, a few Ethers should be included as well. Unsurprisingly, PP-restoring goods such as Potions and Revives cannot be purchased, so you will need to collect and save a few along the way.
  • Cynthia has no particular type of inclination. Her six Pokemon reflect nine distinct kinds. Fortunately, all except one of her pokemons are dual-type. So that will help you exploit their weaknesses a little more.

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Recommended Line-up / Counters

  • Milotic and Gastrodon shouldn’t be a problem if you have a Pokemon with a powerful grass-type attack on your roster.
  • Garchomp and Roserade may be dealt with using ice-type strikes.
  • Fire-type attacks can also be used to defeat the latter, which will prove beneficial versus Lucario.
  • Spiritomb’s only major vulnerability is Fairy-type abilities, which may be countered with raw force if necessary.
  • Palkia and Dialga are highly recommended for ice-type moves, as both can discover Blizzard with TM14. This move is located at Lake Acuity or acquired at the Department Store in Veilstone City.
  • Rapidash is a good alternative Pokemon for those who don’t have Infernape as a starter. Dazzling Gleam can be learned by Haunter or Gengar via TM21, which can be found at the Team Galactic HQ or the Department Store.
  • Surf may also be used to teach Giga Drain, which can be obtained on Route 209, by both Pokemon. Trainers can utilize one of the Grass Knot TMs (TM86) you received after defeating Gardenia if you don’t want to use a Haunter / Gengar or a chosen Grass-type.

Battle Strategies

  • Cynthia will begin with Spiritomb, therefore you should choose a Pokemon that has a powerful Fairy-type move, to begin with. You’ll want to focus on taking it out in one attack if you can, but if you don’t, Cynthia will recall and Lucario will be thrown out.
  • Swap to your fire-type pokemon at this point, though if you have a Gastrodon, this is also a good option because it can take down Lucario with Earth Power.

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  • If Roserade appears next, you can either stay with your fire-type attacker or change to a pokemon with a powerful ice-type ability like Ice Beam or Blizzard.
  • We recommend that you switch to your grass-type pokemon if Gastrodon or Milotic comes out next. Known for its capability to use Rest to regenerate HP, the latter can be a pain to deal with. Fortunately, Grass Knot should be able to wipe it out with a single attack.
  • If you haven’t defeated Spiritomb yet, Cynthia will use her final and most fearsome Pokemon, Garchomp. Luckily, because of its nature, ice-type moves will inflict 4x as much punishment, so Palkia and Dialga should be able to dispose of it swiftly with Blizzard.



Spiritomb Dark Pulse
Shadow Ball
Sucker Punch
Lucario Aura Sphere
Flash Cannon
Dragon Pulse
Nasty Plot
Roserade Dazzling Gleam
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Gastrodon Earthquake
Rock Tomb
Sludge Bomb
Milotic Ice Beam
Mirror Coat
Garchomp Dragon Claw
Poison Jab
Swords Dance

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