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Catching Pokemon using Dusk Balls might give trainers a better chance of success rate during nighttime and or in caves. Near the end of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, these balls will be available.

Although Master Balls, Ultra Balls, and probably even Timer Balls are more effective, keeping a few Dusk Balls in your pocket in case a legendary Pokémon comes is a good idea.

How to Purchase Dusk Balls?


  1. Dusk Balls may be purchased via an elderly cashier in Celestic Town. There isn’t a Pokémart in town but they do offer Dusk Balls. Celestic town is located NW of Solaceon Town and eastside of the city of Eterna. This would be a long walk so trainers would need to be a little patient.
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    • To disperse the Psyduck roadblock, you’ll need Cynthia’s potion, and then your Pokétch’s Defog hidden move. You’ll be able to find your way to Celestic Town through Route 210 after that.
    • When you arrive, make your way to the town’s upper left corner. In this portion of the neighborhood, a typical grey and brown house stands opposite a green-haired woman and a tiny pond.
    • Speak with the elderly cashier on the left when you arrive (as mentioned earlier). He’ll sell you a set of three unique Pokéballs for 1,000 Pokédollars: the Dusk Ball, the Quick Ball, and the Timer Ball.
  1. Dusk Balls may be purchased from Solaceon Town. Enter the PokeMart and simply purchase Dusk Balls for P1000.

Use the Dusk Ball in caverns and at night once you’ve obtained it, as this is when it’s most effective. This device can help you catch a legendary Pokémon if you come across one within a cave.

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