In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, players are able to give Pokemon things or items to hold on to. While some items cannot be utilized by Pokemon but others can act as boosters for Pokemon’s stats and even increase their moves’ effectiveness. There are specific Pokemon items like the Light Ball are items that have effects that can only be brought out by a particular Pokemon species. But luckily enough, items like the Expert Belt can be used by any Pokemon.

Expert Belt

  • The Expert Belt boosts the damage of super-effective moves somewhat. That is, if a Pokemon uses the Fire-type move Ember on a Grass-type Pokemon, the Ember’s damage will be more than it would have been without the Expert Belt.
  • Unlike the Focus Sash, this item will not shatter after usage. To obtain the Expert Belt, players must continue through the stories of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.
  • To obtain the Expert Belt, players must first obtain the HM Surf. Surf may be obtained by helping out Cynthia’s grandma in Celestic Town. Surf can only be used outside of combat if they obtain the fifth gym badge from Fantina in Hearthome City.

With these items in hand, take HM Fly to Sandgem Town. Surf will take you south to Route 220. In this area, the trainers will most likely have Pokemon at levels 28-31. But this should not be of much concern to the players. Players can either defeat them or go around them and then continue on to Route 221.

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Where To Find

  • Ramanas Park is located on Route 221 and is where players may capture Legendary Pokemon in the postgame. However, this is not the location of the Expert Belt. The Expert Belt can be found at the home north of Route 221.
  • So, after passing the fisherman, there should be a road heading north through the woods. Players can continue north until they spot a home with a blue roof. And then enter the house.
  • While the Expert Belt is available here, it is not guaranteed. Every day, the old guy would say a random number ranging from 1 to 100. These numbers represent Pokemon levels. That is, if he requests number 48, he will expect to receive a Pokemon of that level from the player.
  • The simplest option is to either capture a Pokemon at the level he desires (if feasible) or level up one of their own or just show it to him. This way if the level feels too high for the players and they want to try something lower, they can easily come back the next day.

Players will additionally require completing the task twice to get ahold of the remaining items. The Expert Belts cannot be brought to the store and they are also not available on Wild Pokemon, hence, this becomes the only way of gathering one in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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