AR makes it very difficult to catch monsters but the new AR+ actually makes it easier! 

NOTE- AR+ only works on iPhone 6s or something newer than iPhone 6s. 

How to use- 

AR+ mode basically allows you to move very close to a Pokèmon before throwing a ball at them. 

For this, while you are trying to catch a Pokémon, you have to tap the AR option at the top right of your screen. If this does not work then, come out of the catch screen and tap the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen and then press on settings to enable AR+. 

You’ll see the tutorial when you eventually start using AR+.  

For better results, try to be in an open space and slowly look around a flat open area with your camera. It also has to be a well lit area for it to work better. 

Soon enough, you’ll begin to see the leaves rusting. Tap on the screen now to make the monster appear. If it’s not in the view then use the arrows on the left and right to help you move the phone in the right direction. 

It’s important to know that now you have to go slowly towards your Pokémon or else it’ll get scared and hide away. 

Now you can throw Pokèballs from a closer distance which makes it simple and makes an excellent throw!! 



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