Pokemon GO’s Egg Chart June 2022 (2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 12km)

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June 2022 has arrived, bringing a slew of new campaigns, tasks, and raid boss rollouts with it. But now it’s time to see what Pokémon we can get right now by incubating Pokemon Go eggs. Let’s take a look at Pokemon Go’s June 2022 Egg Chart below!

Hatching Eggs

  • You could only bring 9 eggs at a time; if you possess 9 and come across one at a Pokestop, you’ll need to abandon it. If your egg stock is full, you won’t get another from gifts!
  • It’s as simple as walking with them in the incubator to get them to hatch. Pokemon Go must be open, but before putting your device in your bag you should switch on battery saving.
  • You can also activate Adventure Sync, which feeds data back to Pokemon Go via your device’s location tracking.
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  • A Pokemon will appear once you’ve strolled the distance specified in the egg name. Long-distance eggs, as you might expect, produce rarer Pokemon.
  • Please note that Pokemon Go only appears to monitor the distance covered toward your egg hatching if you’re biking or cruising as a passenger in a car at reduced speeds – around 10mph or less!

Pokemon Go June 2022 Egg Chart

NOTE: An asterisk (*) means the Pokemon can be shiny!

Adventure Sync: 5km (25km/week)

Cranidos* Frillish Happiny*
Munchlax Roggenrola* Shieldon*

Adventure Sync: 10km (50km/week)

Bagon* Deino* Dratini*
Beldum* Riolu* Goomy


2km Egg Chart

Barboach* Cubone* Exeggcute* Magikarp*
Magnemite* Meditite* Pikipek Poliwag*
Stufful* Wailmer* Yungoos*

5km Egg Chart

Azurill* Bonsly* Bronzor* Litten
Popplio Rowlet Skarmory* Togepi*

7km Egg Chart

Diglett* Geodude* Grimer*
Meowth* Sandshrew* Vulpix*
Darumaka* Farfetch’d* Meowth*
Ponyta* Slowpoke Stunkfisk*

10km Egg Chart

Audino* Axew* Darumaka* Emolga
Espurr* Goomy Jangmo-o Mienfoo
Noibat Riolu* Rockruff* Rufflet*

12km Egg Chart

Absol* Deino* Larvitar* Pancham Pawniard
Salandit Sandile Scraggy Skorupi* Skrelp
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