There are six levels in the “Finding Your Voice” Special Research. Once you’ve finished one, you’ll be rewarded and be able to move on to the next stage. Due to the fact that “Finding Your Voice” is Special Research in Pokémon GO, the tasks and awards will remain in the game until the players accomplish them.

Finding Your Voice Quest

Stage 1 Eevee encounter for 1k XP

1k Stardusts are the rewards for:

  • Taking a photo of a friend (1k XP)
  • Catching 30 Normal-type Pokémon (Glameow encounter)
  • Evolving 15 Pokémon (30 Pokeballs).
Stage 2 Use 30 berries to aid in Pokémon capture (20 Pinap Berries), get five candies while traveling with a friend (1 Poffin), and give a companion three goodies (Chansey encounter)

Rewards: Slugma encounter, 1k XP, and 1k Stardust

Stage 3 Three Gym Battles (Monferno encounter), three raid battles (Three Max Potions), and three Team GO Rocket Grunts (two Premium Raid Passes)

Rewards: Hariyama encounter, 1k XP, and 1k Stardust.

Stage 4 Meloetta encounter or 20 Meloetta candy, 2k XP, and 2k Stardust (Chimecho encounter) Catch 30 different species of Pokémon (Loudred encounter), Spin three PokeStops (Kricketune encounter).
Stage 5 Five Meloetta Stickers, 2.5k XP, and 2.5k Stardust are awarded for taking a picture of Meloetta (20 Meloetta chocolates), making a new friend (1 Lucky Egg), and sending three gifts to friends (three Revives).
Stage 6 Claim the reward three times (9k XP) for one Lure Module, twenty Meloetta Candy, and three Rare Candy.
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Important Reminders:

  • The Battle in Three Raids challenge is likely to be the hardest of these. Players are just required to participate in the conflicts, not to win them. The fact that players may have a hard time discovering raid battles is what makes it so challenging.
  • Players should aim for 1-star or 3-star raid engagements to fulfill this assignment. These are substantially speedier, and gamers will have no trouble completing the task.

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