Pokemon Buizel and its evolution, Floatzel, were first released in January as a portion of the Sinnoh Celebration Event, which centered on Generation Four Pokemon. Let’s go over where to find and catch Buizel / Floatzel, as well as everything else you need to know about this Water pokemon.

Floatzel is an orange-colored Pokemon with long limbs, similar to a weasel or an otter. Every hand and foot has four fingers and three toes. When compared to the remainder of the body, its feet are tiny!


TYPE Water
WEAKNESS Grass, Electric
RESISTANCE Steel, Water, Ice, Fire
EVOLUTION Buizel > Floatzel (50 Candies)

Floatzel Base Stats

Attack 221
Defense 114
Stamina 198
Catch Rate 20%
Flee Rate 6%
Buddy Distance 3KM

Floatzel Counters

Therian Thundurus Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt
Zekrom Charge Beam / Wild Charge
Attack Deoxys Zen Headbutt / Zap Cannon
Electivire Thunder Shock / Wild Charge
Roserade Razor Leaf / Solar Beam

Where to catch Floatzel?

In the wild Rainy Weather
Raid Boss Sinnoh Region

Floatzel’s Best Moves

Quick Move Water Gun 12
Waterfall 16
Main Move Aqua Jet 20.8
Hydro Pump 47.3
Swift 21.4

How To Beat Floatzel

  • Mantine is resistant to Steel, Water, Ice, and Fire-type moves. Avoid them!
  • Don’t use Geodude, Graveler, Golem, Onix, Rhyhorn, Magcargo, Larvitar, Pupitar, Numel, Camerupt, and Rhyperior. These pokemon are the most vulnerable to Floatzel.
  • The best Pokemon against a Floatzel is Therian Thundurus. Use its Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt skills. These moves have 100% effective damage!
  • Zekromis also a very effective counter. Its Charge Beam and Wild Charge deal devastating damage.

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