We all need friends at this time, whether they are virtual or real-life friends. The Friends Feature in Pokemon GO is a useful feature to have more friends helping you with raids and gifts! Here’s a list of active Pokemon Go Players + Friend Codes this November 2022!

The bar continues to rise as long as you maintain your friendship with your Friend. If you and a friend reach a high level together, you will receive numerous benefits, including increased Pokemon Attack and the ability to earn more Premier Balls, but only if you participate in Raids or battles together.

How to add Pokemon GO Friends?

Each Trainer has a twelve-digit Friend Code that is unique to them. You can add a Friend in three different ways:

  • Friend Code
  • Facebook
  • QR Code

Connect with as many Trainers as possible, because you never know when a virtual friendship will turn into a real-life friendship. So, here’s a compilation of Friend Codes to add to your list!

Feel free to add your own Pokemon Friend code in the comment section below!

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