Evolving each Pokemon was as easy as gathering the right number of a particular candy variety. However, as the game grew in popularity, so did the techniques, which now include everything from candy prerequisites to buddy achievements and weather criteria. Goomy’s evolution falls under the more complicated type of evolution, so we’re here to help!

Goomy Evolution Guide

Goomy may be found in the wild, but it’s a rare occurrence. When you come across a Goomy in the wild, include a Pinap Berry for additional Goomy Candies. You may also use  Razz Berry to boost your odds of capturing the creature. If you’re feeling a little fancy, use your Silver Pinap!

Goomy > Sliggoo 25 Goomy Candies
Sliggoo > Goodra 100 Goomy Candies
Use a Rainy Lure Module
Evolve Sliggoo during Rainy Weather

How to Get More Candies

Getting a pokemon of that specific kind.
Take that specific pokemon as your buddy and walk with it.
Let that pokemon munch on some berries while in a gym.
Transferring pokemon also gives you candy.
By hatching eggs.

Rainy Lure Module

  • Specific Lure Modules function similarly to regular Lure Modules, with the exception that they only entice specific pokemon groups. This is the reason why Goomy is one of the unique pokemon out there.
  • Goomy is a dragon-type pokemon. However, this critter has an unusual liking for water and will only evolve during rainy weather. You can just sit tight for a drizzly day, and why not just give the fresh Rainy Lure a shot?

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