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Druddigon is likely to be one of the most underwhelming Dragon-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, owing to the fact that it does not evolve and hence has average stats.

Is Druddigon Strong?

  • In Pokemon GO’s Great League, Druddigon is ranked 280th best. In the rankings, it sits behind Goodra, Flygon, and Dragalge.
  • Despite the fact that it can defeat some of the division’s most popular Pokemon, such as Sableye and Venusaur, it fails to make a significant impact against far too many others.
  • Druddigon does a little better in the Ultra League, ranking 187th, but it’s still much too low to be competitive. It can defeat a few reasonable Pokemon, but it is simply too weak to defeat many others.
  • It doesn’t make much of an impact in the master league either, as you might think. It’s the 213th best choice, with victories over Garchomp, Shadow Zapdos, and Incarnate Thundurus as its sole notable victories.


When challenging Gyms, Druddigon’s go-to moves are Dragon Tail and Dragon Claw. This moveset has the most total DPS and is also the most effective in PVP encounters.

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Druddigon is a type of Pokémon in which Ice, Dragon, and Fairy moves pose a significant threat. Dragon Tail & Dragon Claw are Druddigon’s strongest moves, with a combined CP of 2,732.

Many players consider Druddigon to be a cool-looking Pokemon, yet it is a weak performer in the metagame. Its stats and moveset are inferior to that of other Pokemon such as Rayquaza or Salamence, making it a dex filler for experienced players and a budget choice for newer/returning players. It isn’t an awful Pokemon, but it isn’t worth the effort.

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