Pokemon GO: Is iPogo spoof app safe to use?

Pokemon GO Is iPogo spoof app safe to use - Featured

Have you ever wondered how some Pokemon GO players catch rare Pokemon from around the world without leaving the comfort of their homes? Welcome to the world of location spoofing in Pokemon GO, a practice that’s as controversial as it is popular. At the heart of this is iPogo, a third-party app that’s gained notoriety for enabling players to bend the rules of the game. But is it safe to use? Let’s look at what iPogo is and how it can affect your Pokemon GO experience.

What is iPogo?

iPogo is a third-party application that allows Pokemon GO players to manipulate their GPS location within the game. It provides features that give users an edge, such as the ability to simulate movement (walking, running, or driving), teleport to different locations worldwide, and even check a Pokemon’s stats before deciding to catch it. 

These features enable iPogo users to catch rare and region-specific Pokemon without physically traveling, making it a popular choice for players seeking to expand their Pokedex quickly. However, it’s essential to note that using iPogo goes against Pokemon GO’s terms of service and can result in penalties.

The Risks of Using iPogo

The risks of using iPogo are significant due to Niantic’s stringent policies against cheating. Niantic employs a three-strike policy for cheating, where the first strike is a warning, the second strike results in a temporary suspension, and the third strike leads to a permanent ban

Some risks are as follows:

  • Violation of Terms of Service: Using iPogo to spoof your location directly violates Pokemon GO’s Terms of Service, which explicitly prohibits manipulating location data.
  • Account Suspension: If Niantic detects that you’re spoofing your location, you could face a temporary suspension of your Pokemon GO account.

  • Permanent Ban: In severe cases, particularly for repeat offenders, Niantic may permanently ban your account.
  • Loss of Progress: If your account is suspended or banned, you could lose all your progress in the game, including your caught Pokemon and access to in-game events.
  • Missed Opportunities: If you’re banned, you’ll miss out on participating in future events, community days, and other in-game activities.
  • Reputation Damage: If you’re part of a local or online Pokemon GO community, getting caught spoofing could damage your reputation among other players.

Niantic uses sophisticated systems to detect location spoofing. Irregular player movements, such as instant teleportation or superhuman speed, can trigger these systems.

User Experiences with iPogo

iPogo users have shared mixed experiences online. Some players have used the app without issues, enjoying the benefits of location spoofing and additional features. 

However, others have reported receiving warnings or even temporary bans from Pokemon GO. For instance, on Reddit, users have shared experiences of being banned after teleporting too frequently or to a suspiciously far location. It’s also worth noting that bans often follow major game updates, suggesting that Niantic is continuously improving its detection methods.

How to Use iPogo Safely

While using iPogo carries risks, there are ways to minimize them. Users suggest not teleporting too frequently or too far and mimicking real-world travel times to avoid detection. It’s also recommended to avoid using the app during major game updates when Niantic often rolls out new anti-cheat measures. Some users have also suggested using alternative apps that might be safer, though these also carry their own risks.


While iPogo offers enticing features for Pokemon GO players, it comes with significant risks. Users must weigh the potential benefits against the possibility of being banned from the game. Ultimately, the safest way to play Pokemon GO is without location spoofing.

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