Pokemon Go: Is Torterra Worth It?

Torterra, the final evolution stage of the Turtwig family line, is a Grass and Ground Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Torterra is an intriguing inclusion to Pokemon GO, especially that Tangrowth and other Gen IV Pokemon are apparently on the way.

Maximum CP 2,825
Attack 202
Defense 197
Stamina 190
  • Torterra is in the middle of the rankings in terms of stats, easily outperforming Venusaur and Sceptile while behind Celebi, Tangrowth, and Exeggutor.
  • Shadow Torterra is a powerful Grass Type attacker who ranks among the best in the game. However, because of its Grass/Ground typing, it’s a bit of a mishmash of a Pokemon. Only three categories are weak to Grass: Water, Ground, and Rock.

Torterra’s Moves

  • Shadow Torterra is a dangerous Grass-type with Razor Leaf + Frenzy Plant. If you don’t have access to the Community Day unique move, Solar Beam can be utilized instead, however, it’s significantly worse.
  • Earthquake possesses (Same Type Attack Bonus) STAB, and it can be used with Razor Leaf or Bite if Grass is resisted. There are no edge circumstances where Stone Edge should be utilized without STAB. For PvE, Sand Tomb has an extremely low damage output.

Is Torterra Worth It?

  • Torterra is a specialized option that can do well, especially in Great League. However, this pokemon doesn’t shine in PvP the way it does in PvE engagements.
  • If you want to see Torterra in action in PvE, put it in a good matchup with the best moveset.
  • Torterra’s statistics will keep it in the game, and its moves will give it an advantage over many of its opponents. Torterra can be an effective offensive choice for players who are ready to put resources in candies.

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