Pokemon Go Kanto Tour is here and the game is all set to take players down memory lane. For those who are unaware, the event is based on the Kanto region from the anime and have hours dedicated to Pallette Town, Pewter City and many more such locations.

As part of the event, players have to battle two Tour Challengers. While it’s not quite difficult to beat them, many players are wondering where they can find the Tour Challengers. Well the good news is, Tour Challengers spawn similar to Go Team Rocket. So if you have fought with the Team Rocket members, you know where to look for the tour challengers.

The tour challengers are found at the various PokeStop. These PokeStop are different from the normal PokeStop as the symbol above them starts twitching periodically. Moreover, if you can’t find a challenger at a given PokeStop, you can come back to it later and check again as they might come later as well.


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