SEO title preview: Pokemon Go Kyurem Raid Hour - How To Catch It And Is It Shiny?
Courtesy of DotEsports | Niantic

The final Kyurem Raid Hour in Pokemon Go is here. Today at evening 6 pm your local time, the raid hour will start. It’s a great opportunity as Kyurem Black and White are coming in the future as well. So, how to catch Kyurem, and is it shiny?

Kyurem Counter

  • Shadow Metagross (Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash)
  • Metagross (Bullet Punch, Meteor Mash)
  • Lucario (Counter, Aura Sphere)
  • Shadow Gardevoir (Charm, Dazzling Gleam)
  • Shadow Tyranitar (Smack Down, Stone Edge)
  • Conkeldurr (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Shadow Machamp (Counter, Dynamic Punch)
  • Dialga (Metal Claw, Draco Meteor)
  • Rhyperior (Smack Down, Rock Wrecker)
  • Shadow Dragonite (Dragon Tail, Dragon Claw)

Kyurem is weak against Metagross. Use the Meteor Mash move and catching Kyurem would become a whole lot easier.

An Easy Trick To Catch Kyurem

  • Stock up on candy for the powerful Dragon-type
  • Hit the dragon’s oddly placed catch circle
  • Throw far but low

Kyurem Shiny Form?

Try to catch many Kyurem dragons when there’s time. It might be gone for a long time if you miss the opportunity today. Unfortunately, there is no Shiny form at the moment. But get ready for a major event when Kyurem will get its Shiny form. Currently, there’s no update on it, and we can’t commit any time period.

Kyurem Black and White

You can fuse Kyurem with Zekrom to make Kyurem Black. You can fuse it with Reshiram to make Kyurem White. These forms will be available in the game in the future, so stay prepared. So, catch multiple Kyurems, and stock them for future use.