Mantine resembles a stingray and has two ring-shaped imprints on its rear. Its wings have a spiky layout on their backs and are dark blue. It has lengthy “antennae” and a streamer-like tail.

Mantine, like real-life stingrays, can glide 300 feet up in the air if it generates some momentum. Mantine is a docile creature for the most part. It does well in open water.

Numerous surfers in Alola use Mantine to travel around islands and ride tides. As a result, it has become a regional icon, with memento postcards and banners depicting it.


  • Type – Water and Flying
  • Weakness –Electric and Rock-type moves
  • Evolution:
    Mantyke (50 Candies) > Mantine

Mantine Base Stats

Attack 148
Defense 226
Stamina 163
Flee Rate 7%
Buddy Distance 5KM

Mantine Counters

Therian Thundurus Thunder Shock / Thunderbolt
Zekrom Volt Switch / Thunderbolt
Normal Deoxys Charge Beam / Thunderbolt
Electivire Thunder Shock / Wild Charge
Raikou Volt Switch / Wild Charge

Where to catch Mantine?

In the wild
Can hatch from 10KM Eggs

Mantine’s Best Moves

  • Bubble (12 DPS) and Aerial Ace (27.5 DPS)
  • Other moveset:
    • Wing Attack (12 DPS)
    • Bullet Seed (7.3 DPS)
    • Ice Beam (27.3 DPS)
    • Water Pulse (26.3)
    • Bubble Beam (28.4)

How To Beat Mantine

  • Mantine is resistant to Fighting, Water, Steel, Bug, Fire, and Ground-type moves. Avoid them!
  • Don’t use Nincada, Meditite, Medichamp, Wormadam (Sandy), and Gallade. These pokemon are the most vulnerable to Mantine.
  • The best Pokemon against a Mantine is Therian Thundurus. Use its Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt skills. These moves have 100% effective damage!
  • Zekromis also a very effective counter. Its Charge Beam and Wild Charge deal devastating damage.

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