Mega Pinsir is making its way into Pokemon GO raids this Thursday, and we’re here to provide you with the top counters to help you defeat this powerful Pokemon. We’ll also discuss the best strategies for catching 100 IV Pinsir, its potential in Pokemon GO, and more.

Event Details

For the first time ever in Pokemon GO, Mega Pinsir will be available in raids from Thursday, May 11th at 10 A.M., lasting until Wednesday, May 24th at 10 A.M. local time. Along with the introduction of Mega Pinsir, trainers will have a chance to catch its shiny variant in its regular Pinsir form.

Pinsir Stats

  • Mega Pinsir is a Bug and Flying-type Pokemon, while its regular form is a pure Bug-type.
  • It has a max CP of 4728, boasting an impressive attack value of 305, which is on par with Mewtwo.
  • However, its stamina of 163 might hold it back from realizing its full potential.
Pokemon Pinsir
Courtesy of Pokemon Fandom

Weaknesses & Resistances

  • Mega Pinsir is doubly weak to Rock-type moves, which we’ll be exploiting when attacking it in raids.
  • It is also weak to Ice, Flying, Fire, and Electric moves.
  • On the other hand, it has triple resistance to Ground, double resistance to Fighting and Grass, and single resistance to Bug-type moves.

Pinsir Best Counters

  1. Mega Aerodactyl (Rock Throw/Rock Slide)
  2. Shadow Aerodactyl (Rock Throw/Rock Slide)
  3. Rhyperior (Smack Down/Rock Wrecker)
  4. Tyrantrum (Rock Throw/Meteor Beam)
  5. Terrakion (Smack Down/Rock Slide)
  6. Gigalith (Smack Down/Meteor Beam)
  7. Mega Charizard Y (Fire Spin/Blast Burn)
  8. Rampardos (Smack Down/Rock Slide)
  9. Shadow Golem (Rock Throw/Stone Edge)
  10. Landorus (Therian Forme) (Rock Throw/Rock Slide)

100% IVs

The 100% IV Pinsir can be caught at CP 1690 in its regular form. During rainy weather, its level 25 variant will have a CP of 2113.

Pinsir Moveset

  • Pinsir has access to quick Bug-type moves like Fury Cutter and Bug Bite, as well as the Fighting-type move Rock Smash.
  • Its charge moves include Close Combat, Superpower, X-Scissor, Vice Grip, and the legacy move Submission.

Pokebattler Estimator

According to Pokebattler, it takes approximately 1.07 trainers with level 40 counters to defeat Mega Pinsir.

This suggests that with the right conditions and counters, a solo raid might be possible. However, larger raid parties are recommended for maximizing Mega Energy rewards.

Best Mega Pokemon for XL Candy

To earn extra XL Candy while catching Pinsir, trainers can use Mega Scizor (Bug/Steel), Mega Beedrill (Bug/Poison), or Mega Pinsir (Bug/Flying) once it becomes available.

Weather Condition Boost

Partly Cloudy weather will boost Rock-type counters, while Sunny weather will benefit Fire-type counters. Rainy weather will increase Pinsir’s catch level to 25 and boost Bug-type moves.

Mega Pinsir in the Bug Category

As of now, Mega Pinsir is the strongest Bug-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO, outperforming Mega Heracross, Mega Scizor, and Mega Beedrill.

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